How (has this happened,) Why (has this happened,) Why, Why, Why?


How To make slime (again)

FFS! I promised myself I would never do this again. I informed the kids that I wouldn’t be doing this again. So why do I find myself at the supermarket buying slime ingredients on a Sunday morning (again).  How has she managed to twist my arm again, how does she have so much power and mind changing abilities at such a young age! These are questions I simply can’t answer, I have either produced a genius or a monster and the line between is very slim AND why is the ingredient list on the bottles of contact lens solution so bloody small?

‘Gel food colouring NOT the liquid stuff Dad’, ‘everyone knows the liquid stuff doesn’t work’, ‘don’t you watch YouTube’?

The helpful advice of the little lady may have brought laughter and joy to my fellow shoppers, followed by that knowing look of poor you, suckered into making slime (again), followed very quickly by fear. Fear that their own little angels may now want to make slime, as they scarpered away to the sweet section in an attempt to bribe their way out of it. Damn! why hadn’t I thought of that?

So, with a trolly full of ingredients, little plastic pots and wine. Yes, you did read that correctly, WINE. You may not have realised that wine was a vital ingredient in slime making, but it really is. I decided a while back, that today was going to require wine, so I made sure a quick detour to the appropriate section of the supermarket concluded our shop.

The conversation on the fairly quick journey home (which clearly fell on deaf ears), consisted of me insisting that only I would be doing the messy parts, only I can do the pouring. They would all listen, they wouldn’t argue with each other or me. I was laying down the rules of engagement and if made it perfectly clear that I was in charge of the entire operation.

‘Boys, boys, boys……………. guess what?…………… we are making slime…….. I blagged Daddy into getting the slime ingredients………… quick, we got loads of colours and glue and stuff’

Ok, so Ive been demoted.

Messy fun. Why not!

For the next few hours, they argued, made a mess, destroyed clothing, turned the kitchen into a war zone, both physically and mentally. However eventually, through the mist something magical happened. They worked as a team, listened to one an other and yes, produced some slime. Real, working, glittery Slime.

Through the haze, the impossible happened.

Dad’s Team Work

For the following few hours the kitchen became a little  factory. We had produced every colour combination of slime that you can imagine. All in little labeled pots. Some were to share, some were their  own and some were even for friends (yes, I’m fully aware of how much the other parents are going to hate me now)!

It may have taken a thousand YouTube videos, a tonne of glue but somehow they had managed to find the perfect formula for slime. I’m afraid I can’t be too precise on the recipe for two reasons.

1/ Its a closely guarded secret (apparently).

2/ I had slopped off to the living room with wine.

The official and best slime recipe

But in brief and if you are remotely interested;  you pour a  load of PVA glue into a pot, a small amount of water, the (gel) food colouring and some Bicarbonate of Soda. Mix together with a fork and then add some of activator (contact lens solutions that contains Boric Acid). You need to add the activator bit by bit until the perfect consistency of slime is achieved.

And with that, as quick as it began, normality had  returned to the home.






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