I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I'm meant to be. This is me.

We are just a normal(ish) family of four, me and the three kids. Number one boy is 15, number two boy is 14 and the little lady is 11.

We found ourselves in an eating rut. Same boring meals week in, week out. So over a very uninspiring spag bol, the challenge was set.

We would have at least one meal a week from a recipe that I had never cooked before.

Because I am a single parent on a budget the cost of the meal was to be kept to a minimum, with the aim to keep it below £5.00.

It all began with a simple food blog about cooking for my family but keeping it within a budget (dinner for a fiver, for example).

This, in turn, lead to me writing for various online publications, which in turn led to the Dad’s Got This, blog section.

The aim is to work alongside Dad’s Delicious Dinners and give you an insight into my life as a Dad.

The trials and tribulations, the ups and the downs. It will all be here with only the names changed to protect the innocent!

Dad's Delicious Dinners

Previously on a dating site my about me section simply stated;

“Financially insecure, Alcoholic, Slightly Neurotic”

In hindsight that may have been why I am still single! Realistically I prefer the description “legend like”, but for the purpose of this blog, I guess I should meet somewhere in the middle.

Part-time Gardener | Part-Time Blogger | Dad

(definitely not a chef)


Fresh and home-cooked meal from a brand new recipe

Easy to cook from a normal family kitchen at  home

Less than £5.00 (or thereabouts) for a family of four

Not to interrupt the normal family after school activities (swimming, brownies, football, school play rehearsals, etc etc)

Now I should make this clear, I AM NOT A CHEF, I will say again, not a chef. I am a working single parent on a budget. We have a small family kitchen, normal pots and pans, and a handful of knives. I do not have lots of big flashy chefy type equipment. So everything I planned to cook had to be made using the basic equipment we all have.

It started to become a bit of an obsession, not only for me, the kids loved getting involved and I can tell you now that an impromptu flour fight whilst making fresh pasta was always going to end with big smiles on the faces of everyone involved.

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