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Thing’s you find in school bags but would rather not.

Thing's you find in school bags, but would rather not

Thing’s you find in school bags but would rather not. They have only been back a few weeks. The brightness of the new uniform is still shining, the white socks are still white and the trousers still have knees in them. But for how long? Fresh from the summer holidays, we are armed with swanky new …

Family, Fatherhood

Who needs Netflix and Chill, when you can have Netflix and Chill.

Neon light in heart shape and purple in colour

Being single I hadn’t really planned a ‘valentines’ post. So why do I find myself writing one and why is a day late? So, this is my valentines day. I have an urge to start this post with, ‘Once upon a time, in a far distant place……..” and give you a  story about being single …

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