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Drinking and smoking at school – It must be Summer

summer fair merry go round

The two younger members of the family are busying  themselves with lots of school activities. The house is abuzz with talk of sports day, summer productions, sports week, summer holidays and the school summer fair. While some parents dread the thought of the fast approaching summer holidays, I always look forward to them. But that …

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Who needs Netflix and Chill, when you can have Netflix and Chill.

Neon light in heart shape and purple in colour

Being single I hadn’t really planned a ‘valentines’ post. So why do I find myself writing one and why is a day late? I have an urge to start this post with, ‘Once upon a time, in a far distant place……..” and give you a  story about being single on valentines night. How I don’t …

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Why Starbucks, Costa & Cafe Nero should have baby change facilities in the mens toilets

Picture of dirty toilet

When I heard that the team over at The Dads Net were starting a campaign about baby changing facilities in men’s toilets, I immediately wanted to get involved. Not because I need such facilities these days. More because on a social level it should already be happening. So, not my normal type of blog today, …

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