Crafting fun with kids during lockdown [AD]

Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown.

With everything else going on at the moment and home learning seemingly topping every agenda. I have been keen to get the kids away from laptops and doing other stuff once their school day reaches an end. 

The weather is grim and it is practically dark by three o’clock when the school day is over. No one in our household fancies traipsing around a muddy riverbank. Or wandering up a slippery hill on the South Downs. Don’t get me wrong, we all love doing that, but for now, it can wait until the weekends. 

Some will already know that the middle boy loves cooking and we have been busying ourselves together in the kitchen. But more of that in another post coming up soon. The eldest and I have been following the football rumours. He is always happy to let me know the latest gossip about our local team.

Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown.

The little lady has always been fairly crafty and can often be found making stuff or letting her imagination flow with painting or drawing. We have gone through the normal slime making, squishy making with balloons and a variety of different ‘ingredients’ inside from flour to birdseed. Plus,  making up new games to play. 

I am always on the lookout for new ideas and can often be found searching the internet for crafty based things to do with the kids and that’s how I discovered an amazing website called Cut That Design

Started by Vicky in 2014, Cut That Design started as an Etsy store selling cutting files for craft projects. Now it has evolved into a wonderful site, which not only sells cutting files and printable images for many a project, it also offers lots of the same for free. 

It didn’t take much searching to concoct a new idea to keep the little lady busy and allow her creative juices

Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown
Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown

to flow. 

I know it is still January, however, we are rapidly approaching Valentine’s day.  This got me thinking about a gift from the kids to their Mum. So, a little bit of searching over at Cut That Design and a few print outs later, the little lady and myself armed ourselves with some scissors and glue and set to work.

Cue the A’Team theme song (you can thank me later for getting that song stuck in your head), as we set to work. 

A few messy hours later

A few messy and fun hours later and we had finished our masterpiece. A lovely handmade heart wall hanger from the kids to their mum. 

Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown
Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown

The little lady picked the images and from our box of crafting stuff, found some pieces of foam. She decided to stick the printouts to the foam and then cut around the shapes. Finally, she then used some red ribbon to tie these together. 

It didn’t stop there! She was straight back on the laptop picking other images to print. She then set out to create some bits for her friends and also to send into school for her teachers. 

If you haven’t already discovered Cut That Design, we highly recommend it. We will be back for more inspiration for future projects. 

Finding stuff for the kids to do during lockdown can be tricky. However, websites like this make it a lot easier to inspire and then create something together. We enjoyed the time together and the little lady is really proud of her Mums very personal and handmade Valentine’s gift. Plus,  more importantly, has some crafting fun during this current lockdown. 

Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown
Crafting fun with kids during the lockdown

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