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Lockdown activities to inspire creativity [Ad]

activities to inspire creativity

Lockdown activities to inspire creativity Activities to inspire creativity The kids and myself are often found allowing our creative juices to flow. I have written and shared various crafty based things we have done previously. From street art on canvas through to slime making.  Thanks to Nanny having a clear-out of her card craft stuff …

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Lockdown activities with the kids -Volcanos, grow your own and science

Lockdown activities with the kids

Lockdown activities with the kids. As many of you will know, we have had various fish tanks over the years and a fairly large one in our living room. You will have probably seen it in some of the videos and pictures I share.  Sadly, just before Christmas, we lost our last and most loved …

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How (has this happened,) Why (has this happened,) Why, Why, Why?

The Best Slime recipe

How To make slime (again) FFS! I promised myself I would never do this again. I informed the kids that I wouldn’t be doing this again. So why do I find myself at the supermarket buying slime ingredients on a Sunday morning (again).  How has she managed to twist my arm again, how does she …

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