The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day [ad]

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day 2022

Plant Power Day is celebrated every March 7th to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable living. Although plant-based diets are interlinked with veganism, which itself is derived from vegetarianism. 

Vegetarian diets are believed to have started 3330 – 1300 B.C. It was thought to have been practised by Indian emperors and philosophers. While it is also believed that prominent leaders from Greece and Rome also kept a vegetarian diet. 

It wasn’t until the 19th century that vegetarianism became widely accepted in the UK and America. In 1944 the word Vegan was invented. However, it wasn’t until 1980 that the term ‘plant-based diet came to be used. 

In 2018 the European company Alpro, together with the vegan recipe website BOSH!, established Plant Power Day to encourage people to eat a more vegetable-based diet. 

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day


The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

What am I doing to celebrate Plant Power Day?

Anyone who is a regular follower of my blog and social media will know that, although we don’t follow a vegan or plant-based diet, we do try and eat a meat-free, vegan or vegetarian meal at least once a week. I have also shared some of these recipes in other publications over the years. 

Instead of just sharing some recipes this year, I thought it would be nice to introduce you all to some products that are plant-based, vegan or vegetarian, to help highlight how easy it is to mix it up once in a while or attempt to move to a completely plant-based diet and lifestyle. 

For clarity, some of the products below have been gifted to me, although the review, thoughts and words are my own.

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

The Calm Society

“Elevate your mind, body and soul with our seven signature essential oil blends”. Some statement! But can they live up to it?

The calm society
The Calm Society

The calm society has an in-house team of experts, who have created seven blends that enhance feelings, encourage happy thoughts and satisfy emotions. Selling a range of oils and candles that will help you relax, unwind and reach a calm state of mind. 

Like most parents, I find it hard to find time to fully relax and chill. Life seems to move fast and the days whizz past! One minute I am waking the kids and getting them ready for school, the next I am home from work and preparing dinner. It is normally around 8 or 9 pm that I finally sit down on the sofa to relax.

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

Having been sent a selection of their candles and oils, the evenings seemed to be the perfect time to try them out. 

Who knew that a mix of patchouli, lemon, juniper berry, cinnamon and bergamot could help nudge you into a joyful direction and give your inner wellness a gentle nudge in the right direction? 

Well, I do now! And I can assure you all it felt great. It has now become second nature to light one of their candles every evening and start to unwind and chill.

Each of their seven mood enhancing blends are100% made from natural ingredients and vegan. The Calm Society is a family run business that is passionate about wellness and they certainly have a new member of their community, in me. 

Head over to their website and check out the range of oils and candles and start your journey to better wellbeing and happiness. 

Mighty M.lks

With the middle boy being lactose intolerant we are not strangers to oat or plant-based milk. Thankfully the boy has grown out of or more likely become more used to his lactose intolerance.

Mighty m.Lk
The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

However, some things have remained on the shopping list. One of those is dairy-free milk.

We were sent a large selection from their range to sample. And what a range it is. I needed to fend off the kids from the chocolate and oaty banana flavours, to take photos.

Founded in 2018 by brothers Tom and Nick. They wanted to shake up the sustainable plant-based milk market. Still family-run today the pair are on a mission to switch one million people to plant-based milk. 

Dairy-Free milk alternatives

With a range of non-dairy milk including,  whole, semi and unsweetened. Together with the likes of the banana and oat shake, or the MIGHTY Chocolate shake. Or if you are a coffee fan, perhaps you would want to try their barista milk alternative for a frothy finish to your morning coffee. 

If you haven’t tried non-dairy milk before, I highly recommend the Mighty M.lks. Thanks to a unique blend of peas and fermented oats, they do deliver a milk-like taste. 

By switching to plant-based milk, you are helping to change the world. Farming the yellow split peas and oats needed to make Mighty is more sustainable than dairy farming, making the environmental footprint smaller. It also uses less water, less land, causes less harm to wildlife and creates fewer emissions.

What’s not to love about it.

Mighty lives up to its name. Mighty in flavour, mighty in nutrition and contains no dairy, nuts or soy. Plus as a bonus each glass contains more calcium and protein than regular milk.

If you haven’t tried plant-based milk before,  now could be a chance to switch. If, like us, you have been using oat and plant-based milk for a while, why not try these out. 

Good 4 U 

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
Good 4 U Salad Toppers

Another family-run business, this time from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Good 4 U take inspiration from the natural beauty of their surroundings. They use natural ingredients to create super-nutritious products to give functional health benefits. 

Since founding the business in 2004, they have grown their product range to over 40 products including energy balls, protein balls, super seed snacks, savoury roasted pulse snacks, salad toppers, breakfast boosts and kids nutri-balls. 

Salad Toppers

They kindly sent me some fresh salad toppers and packets of dried salad toppers to try out. If the other products are as tasty and full of flavour as these, they will be a winner.

The fresh lentil sprout mix and super sprouts make an amazing addition to a range of meals. We chucked them in salads, placed them in sandwiches, used them for added flavours on pasta and garnished all manor or recipes. The kids even ate them straight from the pot as snacks! 

You may have guessed that they didn’t last long in the fridge and to see the kids loving the flavour and reaping the benefit from this high protein, high fibre and vegan food was amazing. 

We also got to try some of the crunchy salad boost packs. Each one was packed with flavours, we chucked them in stews and pasta dishes. Added them to soups and stir-fries. The teen even chucked some on his pizza for added flavour. 

Thes packs were great for a go-to addition for almost any meal. We even ate them straight from the pack as a delicious snack. 

We have now run out, but I will be making another order! To quote their website ‘Honest and healthy, functional, great taste” They want us to feel good and they have certainly achieved this. 

If you haven’t tried these products before, head over to their shop immediately. Then you can find out why sprouted seeds are so fantastic

Eco Rascals

Say goodbye to plastic and hello to safe, non-toxic and 100% natural bamboo”. Born from wanting to have the best of everything for their children, with a passion for reducing the use of plastics in the UK. Eco Rascals have created a range of award-winning sustainable tableware for kids of all ages. 

We have all been there. Plates sliding off the table, drinks being knocked over. Do we apply the five-second rule, or recook another meal.

The eco rascal range includes bamboo bowls and plates that have a suction cup on the base to hold them securely to the table, cups with straws that don’t spill when knocked over. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
Eco Rascals

Did I mention that they are sustainable and eco friendly too? Oh, you want style? Why not chuck some of that in too.

For the youngest members of the family, you have a wide range of animal-themed plates and bowls. As the kids get that little older why not choose from more traditional plates and bowls. They have cups with non-plastic, silicone lids. Bamboo straws. Snack pots. You name it and they make it!

Although too old herself, my little lady loved the animal-themed plate set and proudly informed me that when she has kids herself, this is what they will be eating from. Not the plastic rubbish she apparently needed to endure! 

The same little lady was keen to test the “spillproof ability” (is that a word or phrase?) of the cup with the tight-fitting silicone lid (and bamboo straw). As she ran off to fill it with a stain giving a glass of summer fruit cordial before returning to keenly launch it across the living room and onto my pale coloured carpets. 

Apparently, because I agreed to try out this product, she was perfectly entitled to try it out thoroughly. 

Oh, in case you were wondering, she was safe, the carpet was safe and not a drop of drink emerged from the cup. 

From a parent’s side of things,  I love these themed plates. Not only can you keep foods separate from each other, but they also make mealtime fun. I used to love chatting over dinner and these give everyone a great way to boost vocabulary.

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

I wouldn’t be writing an article bout helping the environment if I wasn’t keen to help improve environmental damage and the eco-friendly nature of all the Eco Rascal range is amazing. 

In the words of the little lady, “this stuff is better than the plastic rubbish we had back in her day!”

Head over to the Eco Rascal site and take a look at the full range, you won’t be disappointed. The little lady decided to hand over the plates and bowls to our friend who has a little girl who is just learning to eat for herself.

However, she also decided to keep her new favourite cup. 

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
Jimmys Iced Coffee

I love summer, I also love being outside. Nothing shouts summer better than an iced coffee. Sadly I rarely have them at home on those odd occasions that I get to sit out in the garden enjoying a good book. 

Usually, this is because they are a faff to make and I usually don’t have the main ingredient, ice. I appreciate that I could make it and place it in the fridge, however, it isn’t the same and by the time it has cooled down, the moment of peace and quiet is often gone. 

Does this sound familiar? Well, fear not. Jimmy’s refreshing iced coffee is here to save the day. 

From the original slim can to the mocha. With every variety between. I appreciate that a lot of these products don’t fit the criteria of this post. However, Jimmy’s Iced coffee with Oat milk and completely dairy-free. More importantly, it tastes divine! Plus as a bonus, it is packed in an infinitely recyclable aluminium can. 

Head over to their page and take a look. I have a few in my fridge, ready for that sunny day when I can sit in my garden and enjoy a book. 

Actually, that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. So I just grab a cold one as I head out of the door on the way to work. 

Sow Your Own

You may remember a couple of weeks ago when I got to interview Luis and Toby, the inspirational young lads who decided to start their own veggie growing business during the lockdown?

Sow Your Own
Sow Your Own Booming Bees

Well, they have been in touch again to send me their latest product. The Blooming Bees. 

As you will already know, they sell some amazing grow kits. With products like the vibrant veggies or the summer fruits box. 

We all know that some fruits and vegetables need bees to help pollinate them. So, they created a range of wild seed bombs, uniquely shaped like a bee. Each one contains 16 RHS ‘perfect for pollinator’ wildflower seeds varieties.

They promise to be easy and require no gardening skills. Basically, you bury each bee a few centimetres below ground in the spring and water daily.  

They will grow in pots or flower beds. Before you know it you will have some beautiful and high pollinating wildflowers growing in your own back garden. 

Perhaps I will get to enjoy an iced coffee in my garden sooner than I thought!

The Blooming Bees range is available from their website and comes in a range of sizes covering areas of 40 square feet to 160 square feet. While you are there checking them out, make sure you head over to their grow kits too! 

Little Butterfly London

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
Little Butterfly London

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Mum in your life? Do you want it to be organic, vegan and cruelty-free? Well, look no further than Little Butterfly London which offers a fabulous range of beauty products for Mums and Babies. 

Choosing ethically friendly beauty products isn’t easy, so finding a company that is transparent with its ingredients is fantastic. The fact they only use natural and organic products too is the icing on the cake.  

“Our bodies are precious. We believe that what is applied to the skin should be flawlessly pure, kind and gentle”.

After just a quick look at their website, it becomes abundantly clear that they are passionate about bringing excellence. They meticulously select the ingredients and lovingly present the finished products. I was kindly gifted some illuminating night cream and illuminating day cream to sample. They arrived beautifully packaged, which oozed class and perfection. 

The creams themselves smelt divine and once applied provided a matte-like finish. Apparently allowing for immediate makeup application if needed. 

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

A quick read of the box and product and each ingredient is listed and an explanation of the benefits of each one is given. 

The company was created because as a new mother, the founder wanted to nurture their newborn son’s skin, to give him the best start in life. This soon developed into what it is today, selling beauty products for mothers and babies and becoming Britain’s first luxury, organic-certified mother and baby skincare range. 

From the story of the brand, through the products and packaging, I really like this skincare range. If you are looking for an ethical, vegan and cruelty-free range of skincare products, then look no further. 

Creative Nature

Creative Nature
Creative Nature

No plant-based guide would be complete without cake right? Well over at Creative Nature, not only do they provide a range of products that are free from 14 allergens they are also vegan. They provide us with some delicious snacks that are healthy and tasty.

Julianne originally started making her own snacks at home because she was frustrated with the lack of products available without nuts, that wasn’t packed with additives. Using superfood ingredients to improve the nutrient value and using her partner as a guinea-pig to get the flavours right, she decided to launch the snack bars to market. 

Soon after she launched baking mixes and other products, which in turn quickly made there way to the supermarket shelves. 

This is where I hand the reins to the little lady because she was the one who got to test the product first hand. 

As soon as I opened the parcel and she noticed the brownie choc chip baking mix, it had become clear that she was going to make some immediately. Technically, I wasn’t too bothered, cake, chocolate and no effort on my behalf. Sounds perfect to me.

A small while later…….

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day
Brownie Time

As the dust settled in the kitchen, a rather triumphant young lady appeared with some delicious fudge brownie bites. So as reviews go, I’m impressed. Easy to follow instructions and an amazing outcome. 

You will see from the picture that we were also kindly gifted a banana bread mix and some gnawbles. Both of which have been received as well by the kids. 

If you head over to their website you will see a large selection of products and bundles for sale. If only half take you fancy, you won’t be disappointed. 

Plant-Based Philadelphia

During January 2022, the month that the world celebrates Veganuary. Philadelphia launched its first vegan soft cheese.

Made from a unique combination of oats and almonds, creating a creamy spread claimed to be as good as the original.  According to the company they have been working on this product for two years to ensure that the taste and texture is similar to the rest of the range. 

While the brand started to branch out into the world of dairy-free alternatives they also want to become more sustainable and launched the new dairy-free range in 100% recyclable plastic. 

More importantly, does it taste as good? 

In short yes! The kids and I have tried it several times now, on sandwiches, as part of a cheeseboard, on toast and more importantly as part of a pasta recipe created by the middle boy. 

Available exclusively in TESCO, if you looking for a vegan soft cheese alternative Philadelphia doesn’t disappoint. 

Full Green Riced Vegetables

Riced Veg
Full Green Riced Veg

To be honest, I hadn’t seen these products before, so when approached to try them I jumped at the chance! 

A food product that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and cooked in minutes sounds too good to be true. The fact that they also don’t contain preservatives, additives or added sugars makes them even better. 

And being plant-based, they fit perfectly with this article. 

So what are Full Green Riced Vegetables

The quick answer; shelf-stable riced vegetables made from 100% non-GMO veg and no preservatives. Each pouch contains 2 servings of veg and as little as 4g of carbs & 19 calories. 

The longer answer;

A rice alternative made from vegetables, that can be either stir-fried or cooked in a microwave in just a few minutes. They come in a variety of flavours and each one is made entirely from that particular veg. Being plant-based they are a lot lower in carbs than white rice, in some cases (riced cauliflower) up to 93% lower!

Speaking about the riced cauliflower and not being a fan of cauliflower myself. Full Green Riced Cauliflower is amazing! The teen aggress too and he actually hates cauliflower. 

Since being sent some of these products, we have used some of the recipes on their website (so watch my latest recipes for some upcoming updates). The kids loved the Tacos with cauliflower mince and I really enjoyed the vegan madras curry using the broccoli and cauliflower rice. 

If you haven’t tried these yet, add them to your shopping list and grab a packet next time you are at the supermarket.

DA-SH Water

We are all aware of the bent, knobbly, curved misfit fruit that doesn’t make the supermarket shelves. However at DA-SH, they are not only aware of it, they actually buy it. Not only buy it, but they

Dash Sparkling Water
DASH Sparkling Water

also produce something with it. 

With only three simple ingredients, British spring water, wonky fruit and a natural lift without sugar, colours or fake flavours, they make a range of sparkling water infused with the misfits of the fruit and veg world. 

To quote their website;

‘At Dash, we judge our ingredients on taste alone – looks never come into it. So while we are fussy about flavour we don’t care if it’s bumped, curved, broken or squashed. We want to do our bit to cut food waste so by saying yes to produce that others say no to, we make drinks that taste delicious and in a small way help raise awareness about the big issue of waste. One bashed up berry, curly cucumber and lopsided lemon at a time’.

I love this philosophy, food waste is a big bugbear of mine. I also love how noting goes to waste and they use ‘misfits’ to produce what is actually a delicious drink. Being a fan of sparkling water anyway and nothing beats a chilled glass of mango flavoured water in the afternoon. 

The range is huge, mango, cucumber, peach, lemon, blackcurrant, the list goes on. So make sure you head over to their website and check them out. 

Cauldron Foods

Cauldron Foods
Cauldron Foods

A massive thank you to Caldron Foods who not only sent me some delicious Korean Bites, that (having actually got to before the kids on this occasion) I can confirm are delicious, I had them for lunch with a simple pickled cucumber and chilli salad. 

These little bites made from chickpeas and sweet potato with citrus and chilli are not only sold ready to eat and vegan, but they are also the first product in the company range to be carbon neutral. 

So as well as being good for us, they are also good for the planet and by working with ClimatePartner they have managed to offset the carbon footprint too. 

They are available in Tesco and Sainsburys, alongside the rest of the range of vegan products. I will be going back for more, together with trying the other products. 

When you head over to their website, make sure you take a look at the recipes for inspiration. I can’t wait to try some of them over the next few months, so again watch out for my upcoming recipes in the Food section. The ginger tofu and noodles sound and look amazing, plus it is ready in ten minutes. Happy days. 

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

If delicious vegan food isn’t enough. The company pledges to be Net Positive by 2030. So far they have transferred to 100% renewable energy and reduced their overall energy use by 28%. They have also lowered their wastage on-site by 28%. By 2025, all of their packagings will be recyclable and 100% of the cardboard used is PEFC/FSC certified. 

If you are after some delicious vegan products and want to help make the planet a better place, please head over to their website, or look for their products in your next shop. 

On a side note and something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. When they sent me the delicious Korean bits to sample, they also included a lovely cool bag for lunch, some pencils, that rather than throw away when they have been used, come with seeds in the ends. This means that rather than ending up in a landfill, these pencils will end up on my dinner plate!

They have also sent a little sticky note pad that can be grown after use. The paper has seeds within it. So rather than disposing of it in the recycling, I can cover it in compost and grow some flowers. 

Grow your own
Cauldron Foods

It is the little touches like this that genuinely makes me want to buy their products. They not only produce delicious plant-based snacks, sausages and tofu. They are also committed to saving the planet. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my guide to The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day. A massive thanks to all that have helped contribute to this article and please remember to check them all out.

The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

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The best plant-based products to celebrate Plant Power Day

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