How to rob a bank [AD]

How to rob a bank

Just to clarify, I don’t know how to rob a bank and I am not about to teach you. Well not a real one anyway. How to rob a bank a board game review.

We are particularly fond of a board game in our house. Especially over the winter months when the evenings close in a lot quicker and we don’t get outside as much.  We are often found sitting around the table, together as a family  or in smaller pairings, planning our next move or flipping over a card. 

So when Jumbo Games approached and asked if I wanted to review a couple of their games, there was no hesitation my end! 

All three kids were excited, when after school a couple of days later there was a large box on the doorstep! 

First out was Stratego. A strategic battlefield game for 2 players. Second out was How to rob a bank. Another strategy game, this time for 2-4 players. 

With a full house in attendance, the table was cleared and How to rob a bank was going to be the first to get a play.

What is it all about?

The instructions included made this game really easy to set up and explain to the kids how to play. It was decided that this was going to become a them vs me scenario. 

I was designated to be the bank and they were to be the robbers. My apt ‘dad joke’ about how they had been robbing me of my hard earned cash for years, fell on deaf ears and they eagerly started to plot my downfall. 

The idea of the game is for a team of bank robbers to plot and plan out a bank robbery (not a real one, you will be pleased to hear). There are three phases to the game. Explore, plan and then rob the bank. 

Game Play

How to rob a bank
How to rob a bank

During the explore phase, you build a map of the bank. The actual game tiles are designed to look like a blueprint of a building. An observation that didn’t go unnoticed by the kids. This part of the game gave the kids a chance to see where the money bags and guards were to be found. 

The planning stage involves use of the game cards and each player works out moves for the next phase. It was fun watching the kids try to sneakily make plans without accidentally spilling the beans too much. An art form that the little lady became very good at in no time at all. 


During the third phase the players take it turn to pull off their master plan. A card is played in turn and

How to rob a bank game play
How to rob a bank – Action Cards
How to rob a bank
How to rob a bank action cards

actions completed each time. The end of the game comes when the robbers have seized the correct amount of loot or the three phases have been completed upto three times and if they failed in the quest to rob the bank, the bank wins. 

There are several different action cards from walk, pick up and sneak through. There are also direct action cards such as,  alarm, tackle and pepper spray. 

So, is it any good?

I found it rather refreshing that the kids needed to work together, rather than competing against each other. It added a lot more depth to the game and stopped any squabbling or accusations of cheating being mumbled. 

How to rob a bank
How to rob a bank

Overall it is a fabulously designed game for a family. We loved playing it and it has since been taken around friend’s houses and played with by them too. It is quick to learn, easy to set up and with  the average game only taking around half an hour, it doesn’t become an epic challenge. 

If you are looking for a family game to play with over the Christmas period, this one comes highly recommended. It can be found in most toy shops and many supermarkets. Alternatively you can find it online here [affiliate link]. 


I hope you enjoyed my how to rob a bank board game review. Check back in a few days for part 2 and my review of the second game, Stratego. 

A massive thanks to Jumbo Games for sending us this game and a full selection of their products can be found here. The views here are that of the kids and me and other than a gifted product, I received no financial gain for this review.


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