A chat with Victoria Bryceson

A Chat with Victoria Bryceson

  Following my recent article celebrating Plant Power Day, I was really honoured to have the chance to catch up with the very busy Victoria Bryceson who is the founder of Vegan Events UK and has a series of Vegan Festivals starting in Glasgow on 12th March 2022. She is also the founder of the animal welfare and education charity Miracles Mission. She is also passionate about advocating a cruelty-free lifestyle and helping animals in need around the world. Glasgow Vegan festival promises to be full of locally based stallholders together with many more from across Scotland, so if you are in the area over the weekend make sure you grab your ticket today. Or like me, wait until one is in your area (see below).

Victoria Bryceson
Delicious Vegan Cakes

So let’s jump straight. in with the chat with Victoria Bryceson

Can you tell me about the Glasgow Vegan Festival and its history?

 “We started in Glasgow in 2017 in a much smaller venue as a trial to see if the event would work or not. The venue was packed out for the first 2 years and people kept asking for a bigger event so we then made the decision to expand and move to Hampden Park where we have a lot more space and can fit more stalls and visitors in.”  “Glasgow Vegan Festival is a popular annual event with over 100 fantastic stalls showcasing the best of the vegan lifestyle. It is being held at Hampden Park on Saturday 12th March 2022. I’m really looking forward to the event which is set to be even bigger and better than last year’s. We received so much positive feedback last year and there’s now so much demand that this festival is regularly becoming a sell-out event. I think it’s partly because people really love the friendly atmosphere. The wonderful thing about the event is that it’s for everyone whatever your lifestyle. Just come along and bring your friends for a great, fun day-out. You’ll have everything you need there, whether you’re looking for some retail therapy, some ‘me’ time, precious family time or just a lovely meal out with some friends.”

 What kind of stalls can we expect at the event?

“Food and drink stalls include three Glasgow-based bakeries. Mama’s Wee Bakery will be providing a range of tasty vegan cupcakes and treats. There will also be a selection of delicious goodies from Mayze, and Sweet Wednesday cakes will provide a wide range of vegan cakes, cookies and fudge. Glasgow’s Ellis Scottish Gin will be offering their range of locally handcrafted, small-batch gins.” “Edinburgh’s Considerate will be selling a delicious range of artisan chocolates, doughnuts and crafted ice cream. Edinburgh-based bakers KaMa Vegan Bakes will be selling a selection of sweet and savoury vegan bakes and Mimi’s Bakehouse, also from Edinburgh, will be providing a range of speciality drinks and cakes.” “Angus-based Spice Harmony will be providing a selection of homemade chutneys and local delicacies. North Scotland based Green Grow Food is an independent health food store providing gourmet and medicinal mushroom premium functional food products. There will also be free food samples to try.”

 Do you run other vegan festivals anywhere else?

“Yes, we have a whole series of festivals up and down the country, detailed here

Victoria Bryceson
Vegan Pizza

 Leicester – 10th April 2022

Portsmouth – 14th May 2022

Manchester – 15th May 2022

Bath – 4th June 2022 Leeds – 12th

June 2022 Bournemouth – 3rd September 2022

Leeds – 6th November 2022 Manchester – 20th November 2022

Bath – 26th November 2022

You can visit www.veganeventsuk.co.uk  for more info”  

How did you become vegan?

“I became vegetarian 22 years ago when I first fully realised what meat was and where it came from. I also gave up eggs and wearing any leather clothing or footwear. This is the point when I made the connection that meat on my plate used to be a living breathing animal and I didn’t want to be any part of taking away an innocent and loving creature’s life, just to put food on my plate that I didn’t even need to be eating to survive. The only thing I continued to consume that came from an animal was milk as I was not educated about the dairy industry. About ten years ago I came to realise that the dairy industry is just as cruel if not more so, than the meat industry and I then became fully vegan and have never looked back. It was the best life decision that I have ever made and one that I just wish I had been born into. Becoming vegan was such an easy decision for me and the transition was so incredibly easy knowing that the food I was eating was no longer harming animals. Today with so many more vegan options and substitutes it is even easier to go vegan.  I am so happy in my life since going vegan. I am so at peace with the knowledge that I’m living an amazing life and not harming others to do so. I feel healthier, I have more energy and I do so much more with my life. I live the most fulfilling life, I have the very best purpose and I absolutely love living a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle.”

Tell us about your charity, Miracle’s Mission

“Miracle’s Mission is a non-profit animal welfare organisation working with sick, injured and difficult animals both in the UK and abroad. The help we provide is only possible with the generous support of the public. Every donation makes a difference to the animals we rescue, rehabilitate and re-home, whether this be through vaccinations, providing food and shelter or funding emergency vet treatment. All the profits to our events go to Miracle’s Mission. Visit https://www.miraclesmission.org/donate/   Glasgow Vegan Festival takes place on Saturday 12th March 2022 from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm at Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9BA, admission £5, (under 16’s free) or £15 for VIP tickets in advance from Eventbrite, which includes a fast track entry and a goody bag full of vegan products, samples, discounts and offers. Visit their website, https://www.veganeventsuk.co.uk/ or find the event on Facebook.


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