Richmond Toad In The Hole Meal Kit (AD)

Richmond Toad In The Hole Meal Kit

Who wants to know a secret? 

It’s a fairly big one from someone who loves to cook and share his easy and affordable family recipes and meal ideas. 

Yorkshire puddings and me, don’t always work well together. Over the years I have had limited success. Sometimes they work, sometimes they head straight into the bin.

Richmond Toad In The Hole Meal Kit

richmond toad in the hole kit
Richmond Toad in the Hole kit

So when Richmond (yes Richmond, as in the nation favourite sausage Richmond) approached me to try out their brand new venture into the meal kit market, the new Toad in the Hole Easy Meal Kit. I was a little apprehensive.

Available for just under £3.00 in most major Supermarkets. It comes with a batter mix and 10 delicious pork sausages, so certainly fits with my affordability remit. It promises to be oven-ready in five minutes too. So again, fits with my easy meals too. 

It all sounds too good to be true. 

Oven ready in 5 minutes

After reading the simple to follow instructions I grabbed a metal pan and chucked the sausages, with a little oil into the preheated oven. I then mixed up the batter mix with some water and gave it a good whisk. 

Once the sausages had been in the oven for about ten minutes, I turned them over and poured the batter mix into the pan and placed it

Richmond Toad in the Hole kit
Richmond Toad in the Hole kit

back in the oven. 

The box clearly states to try and not open the oven while cooking to help with the Yorkshire Pudding cooking and rising.  So I stepped away from the kitchen and only returned to peer through the glass every now and again. 

About 30 minutes later, following several games of a new word game the little lady received on her birthday, dinner was ready.

Richmond Toad In The Hole Meal Kit

I will admit, a little anxiety had kicked in. Would the world be about to find out about my love/hate relationship with Yorkshire Puddings? Will it rise enough? Would the edges be nice and crispy?

I needn’t have worried! The Yorkshires rise perfectly, the sausages smelled amazing and (more importantly) we all loved it.

Richmond Toad in the Hole kit
Richmond Toad in the Hole kit

Family favourite made easy

This meal was oven-ready in five minutes, cost less than £3.00 and provided us with everything we needed to make a family favourite dinner, that isn’t the easiest to master, in just a few steps. 

I added a few vegetables and some gravy and it feed the four of us well. Plus each of the kids has requested it again. 

We are now approaching the darker evenings and autumnal and winter months. Homework, school bags, after school clubs and extra school activities all piling up. It can be difficult sometimes to cook from scratch every day. This meal kit is a fabulous way to keep the family fed well and quickly. 

If you see one in the supermarket, grab it and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed. 



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