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When did ‘give me a second’ become literal? I have used this phrase for as long as I can remember. But it wasn’t until I had kids that it would have ever occurred to me that it would ever become set in stone. I even tried the ‘give me a minute’ technique, only for this to be followed up with a very sarcastic slow count to sixty.

neon lights showing numbers 1 to 21 The eldest two have leant now, they ask me something and I respond with the give me a sec, they then wait patiently for at least 24 hours before re asking. I have them trained. However, her ladyship, who isn’t blessed with the most patience at the best of times, is still very much under training and at this point in time isn’t looking towards graduation for the forceable future. 

Little Lady: Daddy?

Me: Yes hun, one second please while I quickly finish this.

Little Lady: one, daddy?


Little Lady: Daddy?

Me: One second babes

Little Lady: It’s been one second already, it’s not fair! You always help the boys straight away.


Little Lady *turn’s and storms in to another room* You hate me!


Little Lady: Urghhhhhhhhh

Me: FFS, here we go again.

I should point out that this isn’t an isolated instance. This is common.  This is regular.

What gets me is, the other way round and it’s all forgotten. 

‘Hey beautiful, its time to get out of the bath”

‘oh, Daddy can I have a bit longer’

‘oh ok, five more minutes’

*72 minutes later* ‘come on babes, its time to get out’ (for the 72nd time)

‘Dad, just 5 more minutes’

*what I’m thinking* ‘do you hear me fu@£ing counting?’ *what i say* ‘you have five minutes, thats it’ (?). 

What have I  learnt? Kids are shit with time……. one minute to them could be a decade to us and a decade to us is a lifetime to them, so a minute to us all is too long and a second is?…………….. A second. 

……..but probably a second too long.

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  1. Mine have turned it round on me and now say “Give me a second” every time I ask them to do something! #itsok

    1. Oh! I have that to look forward to then haha

  2. Haha so true! I give my kids a specific time and stick to it, but It’s not always easy. They are used to it now though and I have them well trained. The youngest are always the most difficult.
    Now, I just have to train my husband!

    1. Good luck with the husband! haha. I do try and give them a specific time. However the, just a sec, slips out ……..

  3. Oh god my kids drive me mental with this! I have been known to tell them that the more they ask, the longer I’ll take to respond (which actually works quite well…) – #ItsOK, right? xx

    1. I may have to try this technique!

  4. We’re still at the lovely stage when ‘ten more minutes’ is actually more like five….but I know it can’t last 🙂 #itsok

  5. You’re absolutely right. Whenever my daughters come up and ask me for something (which is all the time) and I ask them to wait a minute, they just stand there, impatiently as if I said a word. It often puts me in mind of the Queen song ‘I Want It All’, because they don’t want to wait. They want it now!! It’s so true, there is no concept of time when it comes to communicating with children #itsok

  6. Faking time worked a treat when my boy was a toddler as he genuinely had no idea how long a second or a minute or ten was. Now he knows his numbers, I can’t fool him so much. But sometimes what works is showing him on the clock – “When the big hand reaches ten, we will put the telly off”…
    Thanks for linking up with us at #itsok

  7. I always say 2 seconds – which almost always is at least two minutes! #itsok

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