10 Signs you live with a teenager

10 signs you live with a teenager

10 signs you live with a teenager. Although my lot wouldn’t believe it, I was a teenager once. I have fond memories of my teens. Thoughts of music, girls and ambitions of what I would do when I grow up. Angsty feelings and tipsy adventures in the park. Those were the days.

10 Signs you live with a teenager
Photo by Ryan Kwok on Unsplash

Having now grown up (in the loosest sense of the word), I am the proud owner of two teenage boys. And what a peculiar breed they are! Room dwelling, mug collecting, mumblers who speak their own language and are masters of putting empty jam jars and margarine pots back in the fridge. 

Gone are the days when watching a brand new episode of Sam and Cat was a win for all concerned (you included). Or not singing  Baby Shark as you queued up at McDonald’s, alone, in one of those rare child-free moments, was a huge achievement. 

Having teenagers is like you are continually cleaning up after a party. You have come to terms with the fact that you now live in that post-party chaos, for a party that you didn’t have.

Here are 10 telltale signs that you are living with a teenager.

  1. Your phone charger is not where you left it. You know where you had it last, you charged your phone last night. However tonight it has vanished. Never to be seen again. Hold on, where are your wireless headphones too? 
  2. You often feel that you should be crawling, army style across the landing floor because they have Fortnite or Call of Duty so loud that you feel like you live in a warzone. With grenades going off all around and preparing yourself for an ambush ahead. 
  3. You run out of cutlery and crockery in the kitchen
  4. You get a text or a phone call from upstairs asking when dinner is or for a drink. Yet when they are out with friends or late home, their phone reverts to voicemail or has ‘no signal’.
  5. Uploading to YouTube, using technology and building gaming PCs is a sinch. However, replacing the toilet roll, putting the loo seat down and even flushing the toilet is beyond capability.
  6. You can actually ruin someone’s day, by simply saying ‘Good Morning’ in a cheerful way. Also, everything that you say or do, including breathing is annoying or embarrassing. 
  7. They speak their own language of grunts and eye rolls, except when you make the mistake of asking about a YouTube video they have just watched and enjoyed. Then they become very vocally athletic and don’t stop talking for ages.
  8. They never have any clothes that need washing until either 5 minutes before they need said item or you ask them to clean their
    10 signs you live with a teenager
    Photo by Tomas Yates on Unsplash


  9. You get chucked off your own wifi because they are playing on their Xbox with friends while watching YouTube on their laptop while having a group video chat with the same friends on their phone. 
  10. When they do rarely appear from their room, they are almost certainly only wearing pants. Clothes by all accounts are optional to room-dwelling teenagers. 

The list goes on (and on)

There are lots more signs that you are living with a teenager, but I will leave it with this for now. I have just had a text from a boxer short-wearing, mug-collecting, room-dwelling boy stating he is hungry.


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Featured image by Julie Ricard on Unsplash   



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