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Canal Toys Anti-Bacterial Slime Review [ad]
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Canal Toys Anti-Bacterial Slime Review [ad]

Anti-Bacterial Slime

Canal Toys Anti-Bacterial Slime Review [ad]

Handwashing and anti-bacterial gels have been top of the agenda for most parents over the last year. A lot of kids, especially the younger ones have needed to learn how to use the hand gels properly. So when Canal Toys approached me and asked me to review their new Anti-Bacterial Slime, I jumped at the chance. 

Most of you already know that the kids are a dab hand at making slime and allowed to get messy and creative they are straight on it. However, when presented with a couple of pots of an as of yet, unreleased slime product, the little lady was at the front of the queue.  

Unboxing Video

Upon realising that we had been sent this to review, her face lit up. She suddenly turned in to her favourite mico influencer from TikTok and immediately in her mind opened the package in her best unboxing video style. 

As soon as the dramatic opening ceremony had concluded the real fun came. We had been sent the purple and green variety. While they both appeared like slime to me the little lady enjoyed squeezing it between her fingers, squishing it and allowing it to drop from hand to hand.

For the rest of the day, While she was slimeing (is that a word?) away, she enjoyed telling me the difference between shop bought slime and homemade slime. All the while I was thinking that the shop bought slime meant less mess in my kitchen and less hunting around for activator in the supermarket. 

Anti-Bacterial Slime

So what is the difference between Canel Toys Antibacterial Slime and the normal slime you can buy? 

Let me tell you. 

Anti-Bacterial Slime Review
Anti-Bacterial Slime Review

If price is a factor, a quick look online showed me it is priced very competitively. A single pot is available for £2.99 and a 4 pack tube is £4.99 from Amazon (affiliate link).  So compared to others they represent good value for money. 

Value for money

We have been testing this product for some time now and it has lasted well. It is as good now and as ‘slimy as the day we opened it. I have purchased various slimes over the years and after a while, they tend to go rock hard and brittle. This has remained elastic and stretch for several months and shows no signs of change. 

Anti-Bacterial Slime Review

The best bit for me? It kills 99.9% of germs. Yep! While playing the little lady was sanitising her hands at the same time. She soon learnt that she could clean her keyboard on her laptop with it. On top of cleaning her pen’s and pencils too. Hand sanitising suddenly became fun!

Something else to consider is that it is non-sticky and contains no alcohol, which makes it child-safe. It is also a great way to educate the little lady on the importance of hygiene and hand sanitising through the medium of play. 

To be clear we have been gifted this product, but would I buy it myself? In a word yeah! The little lady has enjoyed playing with it, it affordable and the anti-bacterial part is an added extra!

Anti-Bacterial Slime Review
Anti-Bacterial Slime Review

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