Gifts for foodies this Christmas AD

Gifts for foodies 

As you all know, I am a bit of a foodie, so I have really enjoyed putting this list of gifts for foodies together. So if you have someone who enjoys food or cooking in your life, read on to find a little round-up of gifts for foodies and what you can buy them this year. 

This list is in no particular order and links to purchase directly from the supplier are included.

As it is Christmas, I should really start with the advent calendar. If you like liquorice, you are going to love the Christmas Calendar from Lakrids by Bürlow. 

Gifts for foodies

The countdown to Christmas with Lakrids by Bürlow

gifts for foodies
Gifts for Foodies

Decadence doesn’t really come close to describing this beautiful advent calendar. Imagine 24 days of unique taste experiences ready to share with someone you love. That is the true spirit of Christmas. Lakrids by Bürlow have mixed all-time favourites with brand new tastes. Served in a fully recyclable box, you have the option of making December special. This Christmas calendar is perfect for 2 people, as every day contains 2 pieces of liquorice! 

Lakrid means liquorice in Danish and since 2007 Johan Bülow and his team have been developing chocolate-covered liquorice. This advent comes with all their core flavours, but also some special newly developed tastes such as salted caramel and cinnamon-sugar coated Christmas cookie. 

No Christmas gifts for foodies guide would be complete without an advent calendar that counts you down to Christmas Eve in delicious liquorice treats.

gifts for foodies
Lakrids by Burlow

Red Letter Day Merry Christmas Gift Box

We have all heard of Red Letter days but did you know they do a Merry Christmas  Box? When you think about Red Letter experiences, you probably think about racing around a race track in the latest sports car or throwing yourself out of an aeroplane perhaps with a tandem skydive experience. But with this Merry Christmas gift box, they provide lots of foodie based experiences too.

From Luxury afternoon tea for two, winery tours, tastings and dining, three-course lunch at Gordon Ramseys Savoy grill for two or perhaps a private one on one baking experience with a Great British Bake-off winner would be more suited?

gifts for foodies
Gifts for foodies

It isn’t just food, Gin distillery tours and experiences are on offer together with vineyard tours and

Gifts for foodies
Merry Christmas Gift Box

tasting. My favourite (should my loved ones be reading this), would be the Champagne Afternoon Tea with panoramic views for two at Marco Pierre White restaurant. 

If you really want to spoil someone this year, then head over to Red Letter Days and take a look at their Merry Christmas Gift Box.

While I am on the drink based theme and bearing in mind it is Christmas. Who fancies some spiced rum? 

Pull the Pin Spiced Rum

Pull The Pin
Gifts for foodies

Following a military career Tom (founder of Pull The Pin), encourages drinkers to ‘pull the pin’ on life’s stresses and calls to live life to the full with advantage and passion.  

Infused with the finest spices, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and allspice before being aged in oak to produce a smooth and perfectly balanced spiced rum.

If spiced rum isn’t your thing, why not either their passionfruit & pineapple silver rum or raspberry and strawberry pink rum.

I was very lucky to have been gifted a bottle of this. Obviously, I needed to pull the pin and taste test. I planned to try one and then put it away for Christmas. However it was so nice, I now need to reorder some for the festive period. 

With each bottle, you also receive some recipes and tips on how to enjoy a glass. My absolute favourite was The Signature. Pour the rum over some ice, add some crystallized ginger and a little orange zest. With the delightful smells coming from the glass, the hardest part was waiting three minutes as suggested for the flavours to infuse. 

Pull the pin to celebrate life. And make sure you gift this to someone who loves spiced rum.

Speciality coffee – to satisfy coffee lover’s desires 

Who doesn’t drink coffee? Well, almost everyone does. Even though we just automatically grab the same old coffee blend most of the time, it’s really nice to try something new from time to time. Carefully selected high-quality coffee can open the whole new coffee world for the one you love. Speciality coffee comes from one coffee farm in a specific region. That’s why it has a more pronounced taste. Gifting speciality coffee is like gifting a brand-new knowledge of coffee.

The Tastesmiths

As a gifts for foodies guide, I need to include The Tastesmiths range. If you like authentic tasting food

Gifts for Foodies
The Tastesmiths

you are going to love these. They select some of the best fresh ingredients, including spices and pop them into individual packs to make some delicious authentic homecooked meals. 

I was sent 4 kits to try out which included Dhal, Tikka Korma, Makhani and some Rice. Each pack contains the fresh ingredients needed to make the meal. All I needed to add was tinned tomatoes and meat or vegetables. 

The packs arrive fresh and can be stored in the fridge or, if you don’t plan on using them anytime soon, you can place them into the freezer until needed. 

Each meal comes with clear directions and within about half an hour you have the most amazing, authentic home-cooked recipe that according to my kids (and me), tasted better than our local restaurant equivalent. 

Something I love about these, other than the taste, is because you get the perfect amount of fresh ingredients in each pack, you don’t get any waste. 

If you like authentic flavours and home cooking, these would be the perfect gift for you. 

The Tastesmiths
Gifts For Foodies

Boom Sauce Chilli Chocolate

Boom Sauce Chocolate
Boom Sauce Chocolate

If you floor me on social media you will know that I am a huge fan of Boom Sauce. Based very local to me, this artisan hot chilli sauce is a firm favourite in our house. It is really versatile and can be used as a dip or marinade. 

However, they have upped their game and produced a Chilli Chocolate! Yes, you heard me correctly. Chilli and Chocolate, together!

This will make for the perfect stocking filler for any chilli lover. It tasted divine, amazing milk chocolate with just enough of the boom sauce flavour to give you a little hit of chilli, without it being too overpowering. 

Schwartz Christmas Bakes

What Christmas would be complete without some beautifully spiced gingerbread cookies. This kit from Schwartz comes with 4 spices, cinnamon sticks, ginger, mixed spice and nutmeg. It also includes 3 cookie cutters and a recipe card. It is perfect for the baker amongst you. 

Christmas Baking
Christmas Baking

My little lady will be over the moon on Christmas morning when she discovers her’s. This kit is perfectly suited to the younger baker and the more experienced. 

Traeger Rubs and seasonings

These rubs are produced by one of the best BBQ and grill makers, so you know they are going to be

Gifts for Foodies
Meat & Fish Rubs

good. You simply rub them over the meat or fish of choice or shake them over until fully seasoned. 

There is a huge range to try with flavours from smoked garlic and chilli through to a coffee rub. From the moment you open the seal on the top of the pot, you know you are about to witness a taste sensation. 

We have tried these on a variety of meats and fish and have yet to be disappointed. I for one can’t wait until BBQ season is back and I can use them outside while jazzing up the meat on the BBQ. 

Mary Gin

Drink low, drink Mary. This award-winning, low calorie (9KCAL) and low alcohol (6%) botanical

Mary Gin
Mary Gin

spirit is glorious. It is made from 7 aromatic plants with no artificial flavours. 

Mix it with a little tonic and ice and you have a deliciously easy low alcoholic G&T. 

Mary was awarded the highest accolade in the spirits business no and low Masters 2021, as well as the Masters medal for low alcohol category. 

One thing is for certain and that is that I will be indulging as I cook dinner on the big day!

Opies Foods

One of the only family-owned food companies in the UK and based not far from me in Kent. Opies produce some amazing family favourites such as cocktail cherries, pickled walnuts and pickled gherkins. 

Opies Foods
Opies Foods

These jars of delight will keep all of the family happy over the festive period. It could be a cold meat platter on Boxing day or sneaky snacks at any given moment. 

If you get stuck for a recipe or just want to try something a little different, head over to their recipe pages and pick out something for the family to try. 

We were supposed to be saving ours for Christmas, but they have been really popular. So guess who has needed to put them back on the shopping list in time for the holiday period. 

Gifts  for Foodies

I hope you have enjoyed reading this gifts for foodies guide as much as we have making it. For clarification, some of these items were gifted to us to try and review. All words are mine. (AD)

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