Dining Out again [ad]

Dining out again

We had a long chat over the weekend about dining out again. Since lockdown has eased we have managed a couple of meals out as a family and have all enjoyed the experience. 

‘Normal life’ seems so far back in the past, just a distant memory from yesteryear. Can you remember casually making ad hoc decisions to go out? Or gathering together at your favourite eatery with family and friends?

I was chatting with the kids over the weekend and it suddenly dawned on all of us that birthdays have been missed, special dates missed. Clearly, we would need to make up for these losses as soon as we can. 

Under normal circumstances, we would always celebrate a birthday with a party and a meal out together. The kids have lost at least one birthday celebration and in the case of The Teen, he had lost out on two.

As everyone is aware by now. Restrictions have started to ease and with careful planning, we can meet up with friends in restaurants and pubs. Booking is essential, but plans can now be made. 

In an attempt to make it up to the kids, I have promised each of them that we can go somewhere a little fancier for their birthdays this year. Just us and some of the friends to somewhere the little lady quoted as ‘fancy dancy’. They can attempt to experience group dining again and I have an excuse to get into a nice shirt.

Square Meal

With discussions in full flow, I headed over to the Square Meal website. If you want something a little fancier, that you can peruse the menu from home and book from your phone or computer, I highly recommend it. 

You simply enter your location and it gives you a choice of restaurants that are local to you. From there you can take a look at each menu before you decide on where you want to book. 

Before we knew it, the little lady had chosen a funky Japanese restaurant for her next birthday and was busy choosing which of her friends to invite and making up a dress code. The middle boy meanwhile went a little spicier with Thai food. The set menu on the website looks and sounds delicious. 

Dumped by my own Child

dining out again
Photo by Stella de Smit on Unsplash

The eldest lad, whose birthday is the furthest away, decided on an amazing steakhouse and depending on his dating situation would include his friends or a potential girlfriend at the time. In which case I wouldn’t be invited. 

While plans have been made, I ensured that we were all aware that situations can change and even though restrictions have started to ease, there could be no guarantee of what may occur in the future. 

Rather ironically and as a stark reminder of how quickly things can change currently, as I sit here writing this article. The entire 3-year groups at my eldest’s school campus have been sent home today. Due to a number of positive tests from both pupils and teachers over the weekend. 

Proudly, the little lady decided to bookmark the government page on the lockdown rules and restrictions. She wants to ‘keep an eye on things’ as her birthday approaches. 

Having now discovered the Square Dining website, we are successfully booked up to celebrate birthdays in style again. I will also use it to book restaurants in the future too. It had an amazing variety of cuisines and an amazing choice of independent businesses to choose from. 


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