Wooden toys from Jaques London Review AD

Wooden toys from Jaques London review 

If you are a regular follower, you will already be aware of how much we enjoy playing games together as a family. There is nothing better than sitting at the table having some family time arguing and competing against each other. All in good humour of course (well mostly). So when I was asked to review some Wooden Games for Jaques London, I literally jumped at the chance.  

Jaques is the oldest games company and sports manufacturer in the world and is well versed in providing much-loved family games for us all to enjoy. I love traditional wooden toys and games, made and supplied with love and quality. And no batteries are required. 

Wooden toys from Jaques London review

A quick consultation with the kids and we opted for one of their beautiful handmade chess sets

and a handcrafted 15” oak backgammon set. On delivery, Jaques London had excelled themselves. Each box came in brand with Jaques London printed design, with a lovely printed ribbon. Inside, the games were carefully wrapped in branded paper, giving a little more insight into the company history. Plus, for some extra love, a little note from the staff member who packed the item.  with a little note from. These toys would make amazing gifts and with so much choice, there is something for everyone. 

Jaques London Wooden Chess Set

Chess has always been a popular choice here, so this was the first opened and played with. 

The 15” folding board came complete with 3” Staunton pieces all produced from walnut and sycamore. Eagerly open and set up

Wooden toys from Jaques London Review
Wooden toys from Jaques London Review

and it soon became clear how good the quality was. The pieces were cleverly secured inside the folding board by little pieces of elastic and crafted from wood. The board itself was stunning and from the feel of the quality, it will last for years. Even with the rigours of young family life. In fact, it has already made it to the list of games we are taking on our next camping adventure in spring. 

The good thing about chess is, that once learnt, the average player will never master it. It was wonderful watching the kid’s brains tick as they tried to out master each other. It was also fun watching as each of them learnt something every game. The Teen, quickly upped his game, when his younger sister pulled off a trio of moves to take his Queen.  This set has been a constant on the dining table since arrival and played with more than any other game currently in team DDD’s house. 

Jaques London wooden Backgammon set. 

Wooden toys from Jaques London Review
Wooden toys from Jaques London Review

Like the chess set, this arrived in all the previous glory. Black ribbon, beautiful box and inserts. Made from oak, with handmade pieces and brass furniture and clasps to secure it all together. Like the chess set, this would make a fabulous gift for someone. 

We have never played backgammon before, so we were keen to learn. Thankfully the set came with a set of rules, making it easy to begin playing. It was in fact the two youngest members of the household that played first. It took some negotiating, however, the gameplay was picked up fairly quickly. 

This is another firm favourite and certainly holds up to the quality you can expect from Jaques London.

Wooden toys from Jaques London review

These Jaques London wooden toys are a pleasure to play with. The quality is superb and if you haven’t already, please head over to their website and check out the wide range of wooden games they sell. Like I mentioned previously they would make ideal gifts for someone or a perfect addition to your own family games collection. We are already eying up some of their lovely outdoors games as we look forward to playing outside again come spring. 

For disclosure, we have been sent these two sets to review, however, the words are my own. The Chess Set can be found here and the backgammon set can be found here; 


Wooden toys from Jaques London Review
Wooden toys from Jaques London Review


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