Preparing for a Family Day Hiking

Preparing for a Family Day Hiking

Spending time with your family is essential, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond and make memories together. Keeping your family fit and healthy is also important, which is why a day out to the countryside to go hiking is the perfect way to combine all of these things. If you want to push yourselves to reach new fitness goals and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time, you may want to challenge yourself to a more strenuous hike than you’re used to. Whichever trail you choose, here are some of the most important things you’ll need for a family day of hiking.

1.   Water and Snacks

It is easier than you might think to become dehydrated, and that is the last thing you need when you’re midway around the trail. Always take plenty of water with you on your hike so that everyone can stay hydrated along the route. You should also think about taking some healthy snacks that will give you an energy boost, or perhaps a pack a picnic if you want to stop off in a beautiful spot and have a longer lunch break halfway through your trail.

2.   Walking Boots/Shoes

Investing in quality walking boots or shoes is worthwhile, even if you don’t get out hiking as much as you would like to. They will offer you a lot more comfort than trainers when you are walking long distances, as well as being more durable. Most are designed for a variety of different terrains too, making them versatile footwear that you can use even when you’re not out hiking in the hills.

3.   A Good Backpack

You’ll need something to carry your snacks and other essentials in while you walk the trails, and backpacks are the best option. They will distribute the weight more evenly across your shoulders and back than a shoulder bag would, and usually, you can fit more into them. For examples of the best kinds of sports backpacks that you can get for your family hiking day, look at the Built for Athletes website.

4.   SPF Protection

This is essential if you’re going hiking on a sunny day, but even on cooler days, it’s worth having some sunscreen or moisturizer with SPF in it with you. This will help to protect your skin from sun damage, and if you are walking on a hot day, you’re more likely to have your arms, legs, and shoulders exposed to help you stay cool. Sunhats are also something you might want to take along with you to help you avoid heat stroke and sunburn, too.

5.   GPS Tracker

If you stick to mapped-out routes, then you hopefully won’t find yourself getting lost. Nonetheless, having some form of GPS tracker with you, whether that is using the maps app on your phone or bringing a different device on your walk will be useful. No one wants to get lost and spend hours trying to find your way back to the trail, your car, or simply looking for signs of civilization.

If you would like to spend more time outdoors with your family, going hiking together at the weekends and exploring new trails is a great way to do this.

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