Pass The Pugs Review (ad)

Pass the Pugs Review (ad)

I have fond memories of playing Pass the Pigs as a child. It would entertain for hours. Back in the late 1970s when the game was first released

Pass The Pugs Review
Pass The Pugs Review

I often could be found sitting around a table with family or friends casually tossing two little plastic pig’s into the air, in an attempt to get them to land in a variety of random positions. There would be one aim, to beat my competitor to a hundred points. 

Fast forward a few years and Winning Move Games have created a modern updated version. 

My lot love Pugs. I don’t mean just like, literally love them. Whenever we see one when out and about they will make a beeline in its direction and I find myself negotiating way too hard to allow us to get on with our day! However, until today, I don’t think the thought of throwing one has crossed any of their minds.  

The game itself has been designed to be as compact as possible. A small storage box about the size of a glasses case contains everything you need to play the game, including, two pencils, a scorecard and a set of instructions, together with the two little pugs who are a star of the game. This makes the game incredibly versatile, not only would it not take up too much space in our, already rammed games cupboard, it is small enough to take out with us and also take away camping when we next go

Game Play

To my surprise, my memory of the ease of play was in fact correct. It took little time for the kids to read and fully understand the instruction. 

Pass The Pugs Review
Double Walkies 20 points

Once the designated ‘Pedigree Pug’ (scorer) had been decided upon, the game could begin. Taking it turns each player simply rolls the little pugs simultaneously, like dice. Points are then scored depending on how they land. Once the score has been noted, that player can then decide whether they feel lucky and want to roll again for more points or play it safe and pass the pugs to the next player. 

If they do roll again, there is always that chance of rolling a ‘Pooped Out’ and losing the points they have just won. Or a ‘Puppy Love’ and losing all their points so far. 

Each player can roll as many times as they like until they decide to stop and record their score, or they roll a ‘Pooped

Pass The Pugs Review
Faceplant 10 points

Out’ and score noting that round or a  ‘Puppy Love’ and lose all of their points accumulated so far. 

The winner is the person who reaches 100 points first.  

Scoring was simple too, Included in the little box is was images of how every possible way the little pugs could land and what score that would achieve. 

Family Game

Pass The Pugs Review
Play Dead 5 points

We haven’t stopped playing, sometimes just two players and sometimes the entire family. It is designed to be really versatile, making it a firm family favourite already. I even found the teen ‘practising’ alone on one occasion. “Just one more game” is now a phrase used fairly regularly when Pass The Pigs is out on the table. 

If you are looking for a simple and fun game for the entire family, regardless of age. We highly recommend throwing some little pugs around. Just remember to stick to the game pugs and not the real thing. 

Just make sure you don’t land the very undignified position, that forces you to retire from the game. No self-

Pass The Pugs Review
Just don’t get caught in this undignified position

respecting Pug would want to find themselves in this position in public. You have been warned. 

Pass the Pigs can be found in many shops and also over on Amazon (affiliate link). For clarity, we have been gifted Pass the Pugs with the purpose of a review. All the thoughts are our own.

Pass The Pugs Review
Pass The Pugs Review