It’s about Brexit, but not ABOUT Brexit

It’s about Brexit, but not ABOUT Brexit.

Brexit was a hot topic of conversation.. Every news channel was discussing it. All of the newspapers were

Some want to remain in Europe
Some want to remain in Europe

running stories about it. People at the bus stops had opinions about it. 

But, breaking this week ………

We have a Christmas General Election looming and now, for the first time in months all of the above have swapped topics and we now have new headlines.

Ok, ok, ok. I am not a political commentator so I am changing the subject. Well sort of.

Like I say, I don’t write about politics. I will leave that to the experts. I just wanted to share one thing I have learnt about Brexit.

Leave or remain, has it split the country?
Leave or remain, has it split the country?

It has been three years since the referendum and lots has been said about it in the aftermath. I have always encouraged my lot to take an interest in current affairs. We have always discussed the news and what is going on around them. The schools they attend also encourage such activity too. We often find ourselves talking about items they may have seen on news news programs such as Newsround. 

Since the result of the referendum and as the country appear divided. Much has been said about the effect it will have on the younger generation. A lot has been discussed about how the now 16/17/18 year olds view the whole affair. But, It is the next generation down that appear to have expressed an interest in it too. Well at least in my household anyway. 

All three of my kids, have gone beyond what I expected a normal interest would be. They have all gone out of their way to grab some time to catch up with the news. The eldest two have even gone that step further and researched the topic further. They have all offered their own opinions on various elements. They have sorted the pro’s and con’s to all outcomes in their own mind. In short, we have been able to have many ‘grown up’ conversations about the whole thing. I even received a meme about Brexit from the eldest via Whatsapp. Which from a teenager, is a lot more than the normal reply ‘k’ to anything that I asked him.

Don’t panic. Brexit hasn’t been the sole conversation over the last few years. We have spoken about other things. We do the normal family stuff as well. This has just been a surprise and well received topic of extra curricular conversation.

As the news broke about the general election, my phone beeped from my pocket. Expecting something from a politically minded friend. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was in fact from my middle boy, kindly making sure that I had heard the news. 

In their eyes, we now have an exciting few weeks ahead of us. Lots to absorb, form opinions and learn from. While I would normally dread the build up to an election. The way it takes over and splits opinions among friends. This time round, I will be encouraging debate, discussions and welcome opinions from all. 

So, back to my original point. What have I learnt from the whole Brexit affair?  

I have learnt that you are never too young to have an opinion. You are never too young to study current affairs. Everyone’s opinions matter and perhaps if more people could take that on board, the World may be a better place. Perhaps the politicians that make these important decisions, should listen to the younger generation more. They are the ones who we pass it all on to afterall.  

In short, that is my Brexit/not Brexit post.

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