Ice Lolly for Breakfast

Ice Lolly for Breakfast (with a healthy twist)

So here’s my thinking, ice lolly’s for breakfast must earn me some cool parent points right? This got me thinking…….

A quick trip to the shop and a few quid down. The plan commenced.

1 kiwi 

A few blueberries

One 450g pot of fat free vanilla yogurt


I firstly removed the skin and thinly sliced the kiwi, I then halved each slice, I couldn’t decide if I should half the blueberries, so some were halved and some left whole. 

 I grabbed some ice lolly moulds from the cupboard and plonked (with a teaspoon) a dollop of yogurt into each followed by some fruit followed by more yogurt. I continued this until each was full. I then put the lids on and chucked into the freezer overnight.

Hey presto! Simple healthy yoghurt and fresh fruit with a twist….

As far as the kids are concerned they are getting ice lollies for breakfast, so shhhhh, if you see them, don’t tell ‘em. 


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