Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

We love a Roast Dinner and can often be found chatting about our week around the table on a Sunday. Following a chat with a few of my followers on Instagram a while ago, it dawned on me that some people get a little bit anxious about the timings and preparation involved in cooking a roast dinner for the family. So I thought I would write up an easy roast dinner recipe.

Kid-friendly veggies

I’m fairly lucky and my lot will eat most things that I put down in front of them. But I have decided to add a couple of vegetable dishes that I think most kids would enjoy. But don’t panic, I won’t overcomplicate things or create mountains more washing up. After all, Sundays are meant to be chill days, right?


The biggest thing about a big Sunday roast is the timings. We want all the food to be cooked and ready at the same time. This needn’t be a big issue. You just need to get a little organised beforehand. Much like my budget-friendly Christmas Dinner recipe, I will include a timing table below. If you are interested, I didn’t quite manage a full Christmas dinner for the four of us for a fiver. But at £6.42, I didn’t do too badly. Make sure you go and check that recipe in time for next Christmas.

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

First things first.

What are we having Dad?

For the meat section of the roast,  I am going to hand you over to another Dad Blogger. Eddie writes over at Yorkie not just for Dads and is a proud Dad and stepfather to 5 girls! He is a full time, stay at home Dad and rather conveniently he used to be a butcher. He recently wrote about the perfect beef joint for a roast dinner.

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe
Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

While I would love to go with a Fore Rib Joint or indeed the Salmon Cut, I quickly decided that they would be out of budget-friendly theme. Topside joints are often found in the supermarket and can be sourced from the yellow sticker section too. So that would be my likely cut.

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe
Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

To keep in with the Yorkie mention, I am borrowing another Dad Bloggers recipe for the Yorkshire Puddings (did you see what I did there?). Damion is a Dad of 3 and all-round fixer of broken things. He blogs over at The Northern Dad.

He recently shared a perfect Yorkshire pudding recipe, so I will be ‘borrowing’ that for this recipe.

So, we have the meat and the Yorkies (puddings, not Eddie), so we just need the potatoes and vegetables now.

All the trimmings

If you wanted to simplify your time, you could just steam your vegetables. However, to add a little sparkle to the occasion I have gone with the two recipes below. My kids love the glazed carrots and when done like this, they always ask for extra cabbage.


Orange and Ginger Glazed Carrots
Glazed Carrots
Check out this recipe
orange and ginger glazed carrots
Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage
Delicious Cabbage
Check out this recipe
Ginger and mustard cabbage


Potatoes are much easier than you think to roast. Just follow the recipe below for easy and delicious roasties.

How to cook the perfect roast potatoes
Perfect, never fail Roasties
Check out this recipe
The Perfect Roast Potatoes


Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

So there you have it. An easy roast dinner recipe. All we need to do now is put it together.

Depending on how you like your beef done, will depend a little on the timings. I am going with medium for this example.

  • Rare – 20 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 20 minutes.
  • Medium – 25 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 25 minutes
  • Well Done – 30 minutes per 450g/1lb plus 30 minutes.
  • plus 20 minutes of rest time

If we go with a joint of need around 900g, which should be ample to feed the family. It is going to take 60 minutes to cook and 20 minutes of resting afterwards.

Pigs in Blankets

Yes, you read that correctly. In my opinion Pigs in Blankets are not just for Christmas! They are really easy to make and you literally chuck them in the oven and give them a little shake from time to time. All you need to do is wrap a rasher of streaky bacon around a sausage and then drizzle with oil.

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

Once you have you have your oven pre-heated to around 180 degrees (fan oven). Season the beef and drizzle with oil and chuck it in. then  use the following guide;

  1. 00.00 Beef in the oven
  2. 00.20 Start potatoes
  3. 00.30 Prepare the Yorkshire pudding batter
  4. 00.40 Start Carrots
  5. 01.00 Meet out and put to the side to rest
  6. 01.00 Pigs in blankets & Yorkshire Puddings in the oven
  7. 01.05 Start Cabbage
  8. 01.10 Start Gravey
  9. 01.20 Carve and serve

If you are using another meat, just amend the times accordingly. For example, a large family-sized chicken takes around one and a half to one hour forty-five minutes, plus resting time.


Of course, you could just reach for the gravy granules. Or if you prefer, you could make your own. Again, it isn’t difficult and in fact, helps get all those stuck bits off the roasting tray.

While the meat is resting, heat the roasting tin over your hob and chuck in a couple of spoons of plain flour. Give it a mix, carefully scraping the bottom of the pan, before slowly adding 500ml-750ml of beef stock. You can add other bits for flavour too, half a glass of red wine, some mustard or perhaps some horseradish sauce.

Easy Roast Dinner Recipe

Hey, presto! Roast dinner with all the trimmings in a little under one and a half hours. Enjoy.


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Featured Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash






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