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I’m hiring

You know its December
How do I know when it is December ?

I can always tell that it is December. Not because everyone has flashing lights outside their houses, or the temperature has dropped below freezing. It isn’t even,  that there is a feeling of excitement in the air

You could be mistaken that I have seen the most recent tear jerking TV commercial, or heard Fairytale of New York, while shopping and this has reminded me that we are in the festive month. But no! 

The reason I know it is December is because I need a P.A.

  1. Wear something red to school day and bring a bottle for the christmas fair tombola.
  2. Christmas Disco Tickets.
  3. Nativity play.
  4. Late night shopping and children carol singing.
  5. Singing at a local church for the community.
  6. Wear something other than school uniform (that isn’t red again) day and take gifts for the book stall at the christmas fair.
  7. Take a jar of sweets, wrapped in Christmas paper day.
  8. Sell raffle tickets.
  9. Buy raffle tickets.
  10. Help write every member of year 4 a Christmas card
  11. Take said cards to school.
  12. Homemade cards for teachers.
  13. Remember that the last day is full uniform, even though every other friday in december has been a non-uniform day.
  14. Remember what next friday’s non uniform day is and what it is going to cost me.
  15. Take money to school for Christmas gift day.
  16. What time does each child actually finish on the last day, When is the last day?
  17. Presents for teachers.
  18. Homemade cards for mum.
  19. Christmas lunch at school.
  20. Homemade gifts for Mum.
  21. Christmas party food list in classroom.

Now times this by three. Damn! This is why I know its December. 

Thankfully the eldest, doesn’t bother with cards to his friends these days. So I can successfully remove one item from the to-do list. 

I know it is December
This is how I know its December

There are 15 school days in December and it appears that each one is full of stuff that I need to remember. It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that; work, christmas preparation and shopping, christmas decorations at home, housework and cooking are not on that list. These have now been reduced to ‘hobbies’. They are now way down the list of essentials tasks.

Now where did I put my corkscrew?


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