How To Get The Body Of A Male Model

A male model who shows off fashion designs on the runway or in photos has to look good in any outfit. He can’t look like Popeye. On the other hand, a swimsuit model can be ripped.

Would you like to have the much-admired body of a male model? It is possible to realise this dream but it’s going to mean a different approach to your workout routine. You will also have to decide what type of male model you want to be, the bodybuilder or the movie star leaner look. We provide a set of tips for each and information on how the diets differ.


The ‘Big 3’ consists of bench presses, dead lifts, and squats. What these exercises do is add mass. This is not what you want to do. Skip these exercises if you want to be able to parade in the latest fashions. Focus on a tougher cardio workout and a slimmer lower body.

Aim for an angular chest, tapered waist, and ripped shoulders forming a V shape. Sculpting the right upper body is another reason that you should avoid bench presses. Substitute them with inclines as the lower pectorals become larger much quicker than the upper ones. You should also avoid upright rows and shoulder shrugs if you don’t want to end up with a round shape.

For the perfect six-pack, hanging leg raises and planks are best. Pay attention to your diet to reduce weight around the stomach.

Tips For A Body Builder Physique

A bodybuilder’s physique is more than just being muscular. It is a combination of definition, proportion, symmetry, and shape that has evolved over time. Achieving this look requires the right diet and exercise, especially if you want to be a successful male model on the books of an agency like Ripped Models.

Aspiring models use several techniques to achieve the desired look. One of these methods is known as split-system programs. This places the emphasis on a muscle group in each session and more reps are done than normal. Split-system programs are combined with isolation exercises to further sculpt the selected muscles.

Time Under Tension is a concept that needs to be understood. A single rep lasts approximately one second. The ideal is to do between four and five exercises in four to five sets. No more, no less. This is the optimum as it places the contracted muscle under resistance for the time that produces maximum results.

Diets For Male Models

The bodybuilder needs to follow a strict body-building diet. Many aspiring bodybuilders find the diet harder to convert to than the exercise regime. Make sure you are comfortable with how you need to eat.

The male model who opts for the movie star body has a much easier diet to shift to. He is not trying to bulk up so fasting twice a week will provide a welcome fat loss. Instead of having to force down an average of seven meals a day, he can get by with two.

Once you know the type of male model you aim to emulate, you can follow the set of tips that will get you the body you desire.


Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash