vegan potato salad

Vegan Potato Salad - Czech Style

As we move towards the Summer Holidays I plan to highlight some delicious, affordable and easy to cook picnic and BBQ recipes. This is part three from a series of vegan picnic ideas from

Part four is this interesting Czech style Vegan potato salad, so if you want to cook something that is part of an award-winning restaurant's menu, now is your chance! When Stem and Glory first opened the doors to their first restaurant, they had a Czech Chef. Soon after they were introduced to this recipe and it has become a staple item since. If you want to add an interesting twist to your normal potato salad, then look no further. Plus a bonus, it is vegan too.

Hot Roast Asparagus & Potato Salad

Hot Roast Asparagus & Potato Salad [AD]

A short while ago I was sent the recipe book and Diary from The Diary Diary team. As soon as I opened the package, I was thrown straight back to my childhood. every year around Christmas time, my mum would get these delivered with her special Christmas delivery from the milkman.

I can honestly say that I didn't know that they were still producing them. But was pleasantly surprised how good they were. On top of a week to page diary, you get some amazing recipes to try in the actual diary and the recipe book is full of some wonderful recipe ideas for the family.

There is a range of mouth-watering breakfasts, lunches and weekday meals and to top it off some lovely weekend specials.

All of the recipes are fairly easy to follow and the ones that we have tried have been delicious. The recipe that I am doing today was very popular in our house and even got the kids eating asparagus! It took no time to prepare and less than half an hour to cook, so perfect after a day of home learning.

Triple Cooked Chips

Triple Cooked Chips

They are a faff! But well worth the effort. You don't become the Teen's favourite chip ever, without good reason.

Chicken Hotpot

Chicken Hotpot (Dad's Delicious Leftover Surprise)

Chicken Hotpot - We had a little of our Sunday roast leftover from yesterday (yes, I know it was Monday, but that's how we roll around here)!

Super cheap and home-cooked fresh food. Happy days. Plus it was quick and easy as well!

Jamie's Sweet Chicken Surprise

Jamie's Sweet Chicken Surprise

Jamie's Sweet Chicken Surprise.

Easy Potato Wedges

Easy Potato Wedges

This recipe for easy potato wedges just uses potatoes (normally the cheapest supermarket ones), paprika for a little kick, salt and pepper.