Simple summer prawns recipe

Simple summer prawns recipe for one

So, with the kids off to their Mum's for a few days, it was time for this dad to let his hair down. Sadly not this week though. Work, housework and other stuff to catch up on…… I knew before I left for work, that I was going to be late home, so rummaged through the freezer and stumbled on some prawns I brought when on a yellow sticker at the supermarket, so got them out to defrost and trotted off to work. Simple summer prawns it was going to be.

roast pork fillet

Roast Pork Fillet with shallots and apple

There is something nice about a piece of pork fillet. It always seems to look lovely on the plate, but it also cooks fairly quickly. This results in a delicious roast dinner, that the kids love and with very little effort or time.

The middle boy found this recipe online and asked me to try it. I needed to make some adjustments to make it work with the herbs and spices we had in the cupboard. It turned out amazing and will be back on the dinner table again at some point in the near future.

Lasagne Recipe

Three cheese meatball lasagne recipe

Three cheese meatball lasagne recipe - Yes, thats right, a three cheese meatball lasagne and its made with sausages, whats not to like? This is another BBC Good Food Guide recipe.

orange and ginger glazed carrots

Orange and Ginger Glazed Carrots

If you want to jazz up you Sunday roast then check out these amazing and simple orange and ginger glazed carrots. This time I used some sweet baby carrots because they were on a yellow sticker and cheap. But you can use any variety of carrot for this recipe.

I am always looking at ways to get the kids happily eating more vegetables and this recipe didn't fail. It added a delicate extra flavour to the plate and all three of them asked for more. If you don't like ginger, you could always experiment with other flavours. We have cooked similar but used honey instead. I also plan to try to experiment with garlic in the future.

Easy Apple Sauce

Easy Apple Sauce

Simple, cheap and a lot better than the stuff you find in jars. I needed something to accompany the belly pork I recently cooked as part of my budget Christmas dinner recipe. So thought I would share it with you guys too.

Easy Chocolate Fudge Christmas Gift

Easy Chocolate Fudge Christmas Gift Part 2

This is the second part of the Christmas Gift Guide, Easy Chocolate Fudge. Part 1 can be found HERE. With Christmas just around the corner, we decided to make some gifts for the little lady's teachers this year. Homemade gifts are always nice to receive and this easy chocolate fudge recipe is not only delicious but also simple to make. Who wouldn't want to receive such a thoughtful homemade gift?

Check out the recipe and join us as we get elbow deep in melted chocolate and make some easy chocolate fudge, the perfect gift for teachers

The kids really enjoyed making both parts and we will make them again for ourselves.......

In this part, we made some super easy, chocolate fudge. A great no cooking recipe.

decorated cupcakes

Cup Cakes - Dad's Delicious Bake-Off

Any one who follows my Instagram or Facebook Page will have seen over the weekend we had our own mini Bake Off. The little lady decided for her Egyptian Topic Homework this week she would make cupcakes, with little pyramids on top. Not to be outdone. The middle boy, in turn wanted to make some cupcakes off his own. One thing led to another and we now have enough cupcakes to feed a small army.