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Family, Fatherhood

Why Starbucks, Costa & Cafe Nero should have baby change facilities in the mens toilets

Picture of dirty toilet

When I heard that the team over at The Dads Net were starting a campaign about baby changing facilities in men’s toilets, I immediately wanted to get involved. Not because I need such facilities these days. More because on a social level it should already be happening. So, not my normal type of blog today, …

Family, Fatherhood

My name is Ian and I used to be an Estate Agent

Sold Board

Please, please, please, don’t hold that against me. Many moons ago, in what felt like a different life, I worked as an Estate Agent for a reputable (yes I did use the words estate agent and reputable in the same sentence), independent agent.  The reason I am telling you this isn’t some form of therapy …

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