Chicken Char Siu Recipe

Chicken Char Siu Recipe

I made this Chicken Char Siu for lunch this week, although it can easily be up-scaled for a tasty dinner. It is full of flavours and the kids loved it. I can't stress enough that good food doesn't need to take forever to cook. Most of the meals I cook can be ready super quick. This one is no different, 10-15 minutes to prepare and half an hour to cook.

Chicken Wings Recipe

Easy Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken Wings Recipe - The kids kids had been going on at me for a while about having sticky chicken wings again. So, I grabbed some out of the freezer in the morning. This was a new recipe for me and really easy to prepare and tasted amazing.

Ginger and mustard cabbage

Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage

Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage. Kids won't eat cabbage? Want to add some sparkle to dinner? Try this tasty cabbage that the kids will love. Give cabbage a fresh new look with this easy and quick recipe.

Thai inspired sea bass

Thai inspired Sea Bass with New potatoes

After seeing some Sea Bass fillets on the yellow sticker shelf after work today, I grabbed a pack because it would do me for two nights because the kids are at their Mums tonight. I have listed the ingredients to serve two, but could easily be doubled for four people.

Gingered Chicken Burgers

Gingered Chicken Burgers

Gingered chicken burgers are not only delicious, but they are fairly cheap and easy to make. Have a look at the recipe below and give it a try.