Easy Chicken and Bacon Pie Dad's Delicious Dinners

Chicken and Bacon Pie

The boys love pies and frequently request them. This particular easy chicken pie recipe is quick and affordable to make. It is also easy to change some ingredients to use up food you have left in the fridge.

In this recipe I used chicken breast, because I managed to get it really cheap in the yellow sticker section of the supermarket. However, I have also used left over roast chicken and skinless chicken thighs (chopped up). You could skip the bacon and add more vegetables if you wish. The basic process is the same when you swap around the ingredients. You can even skip the puff pastry and use mash potatoes or slice some potatoes in to thin crisps and top the pie with them.

Homemade fish fingers with basa fillet

Homemade fish fingers

Although fairly cheap to make, these do cost more than the frozen (processed) fish fingers you can buy from most places. However, With only, fish, flour, egg and bread they are a lot healthier and you know exactly what is in them. So in my opinion worth the little extra.