The best Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget Copycat Recipe

The best Mcdonalds Chicken Nugget Copycat Recipe

McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets are a classic fast-food favourite, loved by people of all ages. The crispy little fun nuggets have been a staple in the fast-food chain’s menu for decades, but have you ever thought about making them at home? With our homemade chicken nugget recipe, you can recreate the great taste of McDonald’s nuggets in your own home.

Easy Chicken and Bacon Pie Dad's Delicious Dinners

Chicken and Bacon Pie

The basic process is the same when you swap around the ingredients. You can even skip the puff pastry and use mash potatoes or slice some potatoes in to thin crisps and top the pie with them.

Homemade fish fingers with basa fillet

Homemade fish fingers

Although fairly cheap to make, these do cost more than the frozen (processed) fish fingers you can buy from most places. However, With only, fish, flour, egg and bread they are a lot healthier and you know exactly what is in them. So in my opinion worth the little extra.