Wychwood Art online Print Review

Wychwood Art online Print Review [AD]

Finally, after years of living in our current home, I am getting around to decorating my living room. The bedrooms, bathroom, hallway and landing have been re-painted several times. The living room has always seemed such a faff! Fish tanks, sofas, vivariums and the large vinyl collection have previously proved an obstacle too far. 

Wychwood Art
Colour Samples for a feature wall

This time, however, I am determined. Colours chosen, rollers purchased and time found. 

Actually, the last bit was a little ambitious! At the time of writing, tester paints have been applied and that is it. However, it is further than previous attempts. 

To spur me on, I was rather pleased when asked to review the service and art for sale from Wychwood Art. They have kindly gifted me a piece of art from their latest collection. 

Wychwood Art Gallery

Excitedly, I headed over to their website to explore further. Wychwood Art is a modern, contemporary gallery based in Deddington in The Cotswolds. Where they sell, original art and limited edition prints. You can order online or if you are local you can pop in a browse. They also can be found at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea, London each year. 

With over three hundred artists currently showcased the chance of finding one that suits your taste is fairly high. They also promise original affordable art and are proud to boast the discovery of new and upcoming artists. 

The website is fabulous. You can search by price, style, artist or by specific keywords. With many different pieces available I found myself fully engaged and loving looking at the vast array of talent available. 

Heidler & Heeps Tape Collection

As part of my redecoration ideas for the living room, I plan on featuring some of my vinyl record collection as a

Wychwood Art
Wychwood Art

feature on a particular wall. So with this in mind, it didn’t take me long to find and fall in love with the works of Richard Heeps

Richard is an artist and photographer producing seductive, saturated colours and sophisticated structures. All of his work demonstrates a real love for his subject. 

Finally, after losing myself for hours scrolling through I settled on a limited edition print from the Heidler & Heeps Tape Collection. 

Vibrant prints of cassette tapes, each one limited to a run of 25. The piece I went with shows depth texture and grit. It also appears to move from time to time. Once framed, it will be proudly displayed to complement my feature music wall. 

Affordable Art

If original affordable art isn’t enough, they also offer free UK delivery. So if you can’t make it to The Cotswold Art Gallery or the Battersea Fair, just pop over to the website and start your search. 

Now armed with extra determination to finally get the living room decor up to scratch, I may have a relaxing place to chill, sooner rather than later. Watch this space for an updated picture in the near future. 

For me, owning a piece of original art has always seemed out of reach financially. However, now that I have discovered Wychwood Art and the array of beautiful work available at prices to fit most budgets, I will be back. Not only for me, but I saw a stunning piece that I have earmarked for my Mum’s next birthday. 

Wychwood Art
Wychwood Art

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