What is Menorca famous for? 4 Reasons to visit Menorca now

What is Menorca famous for? 4 Reasons to visit Menorca now

Do you feel exhausted by your daily routine? Are you despairingly searching for a place on earth that will help you relax and recharge? Did you come across the name of Menorca, but you know nothing about it?

This article will give you a few basic information about the island so that after finishing reading this, you go to a flight booking site and plan your trip there.

It goes without saying that when you travel anywhere in the world it is important to respect the lifestyle and traditions of the locals. Menorca is a pretty quiet place and it’s most famous for the virginity of the natural environment, which you should keep in mind while you are there.

  1. Where is it?

Menorca, or Minorca, is one of the Balearic Islands, which are to the west of Spain, in the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca, or Majorca as it is also known, Ibiza and Formentera are the other three largest islands in the area.

Although they belong to Spain, the Balearic Islands have formed an autonomous community since 1983. The official languages of all those islands are Spanish and Catalan. The currency they use is Euro.

  1. What is Menorca famous for?

Menorca is mostly famous for its crystal clear waters and the beautifully peaceful and gorgeous beaches. Menorca is not such a big island, which means that it is not difficult to drive around the island and get to any beach you want. The road network is pretty good, so all you need is a trustworthy car and a driver who knows the area. Finding the best offers for car hire on Enjoy Travel will help make the arrival to the most popular or the most secluded beaches of the area a piece of cake.

  1. What is so special about its natural habitat?

Menorca has been officially recognised by UNESCO for the uniqueness of its ecosystem. First of all, it has not been much exploited and distorted by modern industrial activities. Locals and visitors get to rejoice the natural beauty of lagoons, beaches and small bays, rural land and cliffs. Additionally, it is worth visiting the talayots, huge stones that date back to the Bronze Age.

Besides the geographical elements, it is worth talking about the diverse fauna found in the area. There are unique sea species and sea birds living on this island.

  1. What about the weather in Menorca?

Its location hints at its Mediterranean climate. This means that even in winter temperatures are kept pretty high. It should be noted, however, that the strong winds that hit the island in that season does not entail that locals do not get to know what winter is like. Moreover, in July and August the temperature may rise to the extreme. This is why you shouldn’t forget to pack your sunscreen and your summer hats whenever you visit Menorca.

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