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Travel Adventures with Miss Maisy


Travel Adventures with Miss Maisy

Maisy Letter

With the festive period in full swing and reaching that point where nobody seem’s to know what day it actually is. Or, if it’s still sociably except-able to have a sneaky G&T with one of the last remaining Quality Streets at two in the afternoon.

With the kids playing happily and not arguing, I wanted to share one of my favourite presents.

On arriving home, a few weeks before Christmas, I was greeted by a beautifully written envelope on my door mat. On further inspection it had been sent from America. If my initial reaction wasn’t enough, once opened it didn’t disappoint. 

Inside, I discovered an elegant and beautifully illustrated letter together with four equally elegant recipe cards. The personalised letter tells the story of a ‘Miss Maisy’ and  one of her adventures, the recipe cards included relate to her current trip. 

Not expecting this mail, I decided to research it a bit more. A quick look online, I found Miss Maisy. It appears that someone had signed me up to a lovely recipe subscription service. 

Maisy, sends a letter on a monthly basis. They tell tales of her travels and include recipes relating to her most recent trip. This month Maisy finds herself in New England in search of the beautiful colours of Fall. With her attention taken by the scenery and animals, she quickly finds herself off the beaten track. It is then that Samual arrives on a horse drawn carriage and her adventures with his family begin. Along the way, we get introduced to his Grand-Parents, Wife and Children and it concludes with a delicious meal, freshly prepared by all his family. 

For a little over £5 a month, this will makes a fabulous present.   I love it and can think of many friends and family members who would love to receive it. That’s my unusual present idea sorted for the year. So, to all my family reading this, you have been warned! I can’t recommend this service enough. It’s personalised, elegant and totally unique.

I just hope I can do justice and cook the ham and dauphinois potato as well as Samual and his family have. The little lady and I are really excited about making Ana’s Andama Breed and I can’t wait to try spiced cider on New Years Eve. Remember to keep an eye out on my recipe page over the coming weeks for my attempt to recreate these delicious sounding recipes

You can follow Miss Maisy on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest . Or subscribe to the service  on her website. When you have a few minutes I recommend that you check her out. 

I am looking forward hearing  all about her future travels and then cooking the new recipes.  

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