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Thing’s you find in school bags but would rather not.

Thing's you find in school bags, but would rather not

Thing’s you find in school bags but would rather not. They have only been back a few weeks. The brightness of the new uniform is still shining, the white socks are still white and the trousers still have knees in them. But for how long? Fresh from the summer holidays, we are armed with swanky new …

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Drinking and smoking at school – It must be Summer

summer fair merry go round

The two younger members of the family are busying  themselves with lots of school activities. The house is abuzz with talk of sports day, summer productions, sports week, summer holidays and the school summer fair. While some parents dread the thought of the fast approaching summer holidays, I always look forward to them. But that …


Turning the parenting level up to eleven

Up to eleven

As a parent there will always be milestones or challenges. This goes without saying. Sometimes you manage to take these as either lessons learned, or masterful achievements. Unfortunately, the results for my next crash course in parenting wont be realised for years to come, if ever. I find myself writing this, the day after my …

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