So Sand DIY review (gifted/ad)

The middle of July, raining, typical UK summertime I guess…….. Oh, you may have noticed we are in the middle (is there a middle?) of a worldwide pandemic. We have all been juggling schoolwork, exercise and playtime for some time and current toys have started to become overused.

The little lady has been speeding through her school work recently and eager to move on to some, shall we say, more fun activities. So I for one was incredibly grateful when we heard a surprise knock at the door. 

Knowing what was inside, I let the little lady open the packet. 

So Sand DIY Review
So Sand DIY Review

She loves anything she gets to physical play with, slime, playdoh and dare I say it those mouldable sand products we all dread because the sand gets everywhere. 

Well thanks to Canel Toys and their So Sand DIY, I no longer dread it. We have been fortunate enough to have been sent the Magic Sand Case to play with. I say we because I loved it as much as she did. 

The best bit (from my side of the coffee table we were playing on) is that it comes in a box that stores it all away nicely after you have played

So Sand DIY Review

with it. It also comes with a tray in which you can use the sand to stop it spreading across the house. Although, I needn’t of worried about that, because as it turns out it tends to stick together really well and is also really easy to clear up. 

The magic sand case comes with lots of cutting and moulding tools, together with four bags of sand, four brightly coloured mix and some glitter and shiny shapes that you can also mix into the sand. 

To start you need to mix the colour and the fine sand together. This is itself was really satisfying. The little lady chose to mix some of the glittery bits into one of the sands and decided to keep the others for another time. 

For the next few hours, we both happily moulded, cut and sliced the sand into various different shapes. I needed to reluctantly force myself away due to a scheduled zoom meeting, but did return at the earliest chance. 

The sand itself is so satisfying. It is easy to mix and mould into shapes. It wasn’t wet and is really easy to clean up. 

So Sand DIY Review
So Sand DIY Review

The little lady loves it and has been playing with nothing else for the last few days. Her birthday isn’t for several months, but she has already added some more So Sand DIY products to her wish list. 

From a parents point of view, she got to mix the sand together and use her imagination to mould, slice and build stuff. Being a sensory style product it also helped her relax. 

Oh did I mention, it also comes in its own box and can be cleaned up and put away really easily. Win-win as far as I’m concerned. 

The case we have been supplied with costs  £19.99 and available at Smyths Toy Shop and Amazon

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