Why I can’t live without my microwave

No kitchen is complete without a microwave, especially mine it seems. I may need to defrost some ingredients or re-heat a meal that had been cooked before. There are also so many delicious microwave recipes out there these days. 

So when approached by Panasonic, I literally jumped at the idea of writing a post about how we use our microwave in the Dad’s Delicious Dinners Kitchen.

With the eldest getting close to becoming a teenager, he has found himself with more responsibilities and in turn more trust. I am  happy to leave him alone for extended periods now. Cooking has never been his forte and we often joke that he could burn toast. If I need to leave him over a lunch time, I will always leave a pre made meal that he can heat up or something that he can zap in the microwave. That way, I know I will still have a house left on my return. 

If there is any food left from dinner, I always freeze it for another time. You never know when someoneA plate of home cooked pasta may get held up or delayed by something. Having three kids does mean my routine gets a little busy from time to time. Brownies, Gymnastics, Football, Swimming Lessons, the list goes on.  Having these go to meals in the freezer are great, grab them and chuck them in the microwave and a few minutes later you have some delicious home cooked food.

Any parent will tell you that we lead busy lives and I am the same. Sometimes stuff gets forgotten. The amount of times I have arrived at work and remembered that the ingredient I needed for dinner is still in the freezer! Panic over, gently defrost in the microwave and happy days. 

I think most people take the microwave for granted these days. We all have one, it sits in the corner on the work top. However, I for one would be lost without mine. How else would I warm that cup of coffee up, that sat going cold while I tended to one of those “Daddddddddddd, its really important” calls to action. If you follow my twitter feed you will rember that one of my recent tweets was about this very subject.

How much do you rely on yours?

What do you use your microwave for?

I would love to hear your comments below.  


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