Last minute Christmas gifts for kids (ad)

Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

I consider myself fairly laid back. But this year I have excelled! We are heading into December at a rapid pace and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet. So to help me out and everyone else who is as unorganised as me this year, I thought I would compile some fabulous last minute Christmas gifts for kids.

This selection covers a fairly broad age range and for clarity, some of the items in it have been gifted to me to review recently. However, the thoughts and words are all ours. So take a look below and see if anything would suit one of your kids, so when you open your curtains on Christmas Day and watch them unwrap their presents. 

Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

Starting the list off is an amazing stocking filler idea! Socks. But not just any socks. Frugi Socks. 

We Love Frugi

we love fruji
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

To celebrate the magic of Christmas, Frugi has a huge range of thoughtful gifts, that are filled with heaps of joy. From festive partywear to Christmas pyjamas. Plus as an added bonus they have a complete selection of stocking fillers. 

This is where I found these gorgeous and organic Super Socks in a Bag. I went with the Penguin and Polar Bear ones and I know that my daughter will love them. They promise to be soft and snuggly and they don’t let you down. 

On a mission to show that beautiful children’s clothes can be fun and ethically sourced. Frugi was born when the founder Lucy, decided that her newborn son deserved better than the ill-fitting clothes that covered his cloth-nappied bum.

Frugi means ‘Fruits of the Earth’ in Latin and their range lives up to this name brilliantly and now includes clothing for older kids and adults too. 


Another perfect little stocking filler, Mixups is a card game for the entire family. Similar to snap, but

Last minute Christmas gifts for kids
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

a mixup. Each card has a hilarious blend of two animals. For example a cat and a penguin which is called a Catiguin or a pig and a dog that is called a Pog. 

You simply Flip a car, call a mixup and slap the matching cards. The person who has the most cards at the end is the winner. 

We have had so much fun trying this game out and all three kids have requested we play it over and over. So make sure one of your kids has it wrapped up under the tree and keep everyone busy over the festive period. 

Steiff Teddy Bear

Another Last minute gift for kids is a Steiff Teddy Bear. Steiff is one of the world’s best known soft toy manufacturers and has been a byword for top quality, tested safety and perfect design for over 135 years. 

Steiff Teddy Bear
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

They now produce a large selection of stuffed animals, teddy bears and other gifts. We actually have a Cosy Year Bear and it is 34cm tall. Smartly dressed in a white cotton bow. This would make a wonderful gift for someone or as a good-luck charm for the year. 

We have all enjoyed lots of soft, snuggly cuddles and the little lady has officially claimed it as hers. It now adorns her bed and receives a special cuddle every morning and night. 

They are available at Steiff Teddy Bears. With so much to choose from, it really is the perfect last minute gift for kids. 

Inflatable Among Us Crewmate Costume

I am actually sneaking this one in. And technically it is an adult present. Also, it is mine! But in my

Last minute Christmas gifts for kids
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

defence, I am a child at heart and the kids have tried it out too. Plus you can get them in children sizes. 

My lot have all been playing among us this year, so for a last minute gift for kids, this inflatable costume would fit the bill. Keep an eye out for my TikTok and Instagram Reels in the near future and you may well see me dancing around in my one. 

Once out of the packet, you climb inside and turn on the little battery-powered fan. Within a few minutes, it inflates and you become a large crewmate. We have had such a giggle with this, I highly recommend it for you Among us fans. 

My Ice Cream Shop 

My daughter has loved this Barbie Ice Cream Maker from Toys and Bears. You get to become a real ice cream maker, with a fabulous car. It comes with everything you need to create lots of delicious ice creams and lollies. 

Barbie Ice cream shop
Last minute Christmas gifts for kids

The recipe book included provides some sample flavours to try and the included parts make it really simple to produce some fabulous ice lollies. 

I loved the fact that the little lady has been using her imagination while playing. She has also built up the confidence to experiment a little and concoct her own flavours with fruit and sprinkles. 

It really is a gift that helps them learn while playing and that’s a win-win from my point of view. 

Head over to Toys and Bears and take a look. While you are there you may be able to pick up another last minute gift for the kids because they have loads of the newest trends and toys available to buy online. 

I hope you have enjoyed my last minute gifts for the kids guide and I can confirm that my kids have loved helping and being chief testers for the items. 


Featured Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash


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