Easy sticky BBQ ribs

Easy sticky BBQ ribs - Perfect midweek meal

The kids love sticky ribs and these didn't disappoint. I was fortunate enough to find two packs in the yellow sticker section of the supermarket for £1.87 each. Originally I planned to do an Asian style meal with them but changed my mind at the last minute. This easy sticky BBQ ribs recipe only took about 5 minutes to prepare and was very easy to cook.

Hawaiian Chicken Wings

Hawaiian Chicken Wings - Huli Huli Chicken Wings with Pineapple Salad

Hawaiian Chicken Wings - quick, affordable and delicious

Easy BBQ Ribs

BBQ Ribs - Slow Cooker

I had never cooked BBQ ribs in a slow cooker before and WOW WOW WOW, they melted in the mouth and because it was so simple to make, we got to spend all day having fun, without me having to worry about cooking.