Easy Beef Cobbler Recipe

Easy Beef Cobbler Recipe

Easy Beef Cobbler Recipe - Back to School time again and when this year's topic homework sheet came home for the middle boy, we both spotted the ideal start for us both 'cook a healthy meal for your family and record the results and comments', happy days! Finally some homework he actually wanted to do and was keen to share his homework with you guys too. Fairly healthy, really cheap and easy to prepare, a great dish as the evenings start drawing in.

Ice Lolly for breakfast ready to freeze

Ice Lolly for Breakfast

Ice Lolly for Breakfast (with a healthy twist) So here’s my thinking, ice lolly for breakfast must earn me some

right? ……. A quick trip to the shop and only a few quid down. The plan commenced.

homemade bread

Homemade Bread

Making homemade bread is so simple.

decorated cupcakes

Cupcakes - Dad's Delicious Bake Off

The little lady decided for her Egyptian Topic Homework this week she would make cupcakes, with little pyramids on top.

Not to be outdone. The middle boy, in turn, wanted to make some cupcakes of his own.

One thing led to another and we now have enough cupcakes to feed a small army.