Microwave Garlic Salmon

This delightful Microwave Garlic Butter Salmon will have everyone thinking you've got some secret culinary wizardry up your sleeve. So, wave your microwave wand, and let the magic of microwave gourmet cooking whisk you away to a world of effortless gourmet delights!

Simple summer prawns recipe

Simple summer prawns recipe for one

So, with the kids off to their Mum's for a few days, it was time for this dad to let his hair down. Sadly not this week though. Work, housework and other stuff to catch up on…… I knew before I left for work, that I was going to be late home, so rummaged through the freezer and stumbled on some prawns I brought when on a yellow sticker at the supermarket, so got them out to defrost and trotted off to work. Simple summer prawns it was going to be.

Thai inspired sea bass

Thai inspired Sea Bass with New potatoes

After seeing some Sea Bass fillets on the yellow sticker shelf after work today, I grabbed a pack because it would do me for two nights because the kids are at their Mums tonight. I have listed the ingredients to serve two, but could easily be doubled for four people.

Scallops with leeks and lemon chilli butter

Scallops with leeks and lemon chilli butter

I cooked this for myself only because the kids were at their Mums, however, it would be easy to scale up and wouldn't cost much more than £5.00. So if you want something that is quick and easy to cook and tasted great, give it a go. My local supermarket had run out of fresh scallops and I didn't have time to get to the fishmongers. So, I opted for a bag of frozen ones.