Chicken Wings Recipe

Easy Chicken Wings Recipe

Chicken Wings Recipe - The kids kids had been going on at me for a while about having sticky chicken wings again. So, I grabbed some out of the freezer in the morning. This was a new recipe for me and really easy to prepare and tasted amazing.

Chinese Chicken with Hoisin Sauce

Chinese chicken with hoisin Sauce | Cheating Chinese wraps

The timings below don't include the chicken roasting time, so remember to include that in your calculations if you need to roast one.

Easy Chicken and Bacon Pie Dad's Delicious Dinners

Chicken and Bacon Pie

The basic process is the same when you swap around the ingredients. You can even skip the puff pastry and use mash potatoes or slice some potatoes in to thin crisps and top the pie with them.

One pot chicken and vegetables

Chicken with olives and tomatoes

I need quick and simple for tonight's dinner, we had loads going on and lot's of homework to catch up on.

This dish certainly didn't fail us. Simple and bursting with Mediterranean flavours.

easy chicken wings recipe

Crispy honey wings with a cheese and celery slaw

OK, tonight’s dinner was never going to be healthy and it came in at around £6, not £5. But it was tasty and I figured we can all be unhealthy once in a while.