Tray baked pomegranate chicken served with potato and broccoli

Easy tray baked chicken

Easy Tray baked chicken - I thought I would re-share this recipe because it is fairly easy and the ingredients are easy to get hold of.

OK, that, as it turns out it a bit of a fib! What was supposed to be quick did turn into a bit of a faff, however I am now the proud owner of enough pomegranate molasses to feed a small army. As you have probably guessed the recipe required pomegranate molasses and if you are like me and the three supermarket staff members who helped me search for it in store and have no idea what it is. Let me improve your knowledge a little.

Following a hunt in store, complete with the 3 staff in tow, it appears they not only don’t sell it, we all probably still don’t fully know what it is…….

Refusing to be beaten and following a quick goggle search in aisle 17. I discovered I could make my own! However it takes a good hour and a bit.