Greek feta traybake recipe

Greek feta traybake recipe - Perfect midweek meal

Another perfect midweek masterpiece type recipe. This Greek feta traybake recipe is quick, easy and delicious. The cost came in at well under £5.00 to serve all four of us and I actually had most of the ingredients in the house already.

It is full of vibrant colours and looked amazing on the plate when served. If you do have any leftovers, it makes can be eaten cold the next day for lunch.

Why not give it a go and remember to let me know what you think.

red pepper dip

Easy Red Pepper Dip

As we move towards the Summer Holidays I plan to highlight some delicious, affordable and easy to cook picnic and BBQ recipes. This is part three from a series of vegan picnic ideas from
Louise Palmer-Masterton
, who is the founder of multiple award-winning restaurants
Stem & Glory. The first in this series was a delicious Vegan BLT and the recipe can be found here. The second recipe in the series was a delicious Vegan quiche and the recipe can be found here. The third recipe in the series was this amazing vegan egg mayo sandwich and the recipe can be found here.Part four is this interesting Czech style Vegan potato salad and the recipe can be found here.
Part five of this vegan, picnic and summer recipe share is this delicious Red Pepper Dip.This red pepper dip has a sweet and smoky flavour, making it perfect as a dip or served on the side with just about anything! So if you want to cook something that is part of an award-winning restaurants menu, now is your chance!