Simple summer prawns recipe

Simple summer prawns recipe for one

So, with the kids off to their Mum's for a few days, it was time for this dad to let his hair down. Sadly not this week though. Work, housework and other stuff to catch up on…… I knew before I left for work, that I was going to be late home, so rummaged through the freezer and stumbled on some prawns I brought when on a yellow sticker at the supermarket, so got them out to defrost and trotted off to work. Simple summer prawns it was going to be.

Spaghetti Recipe

Prawn, feta and dill spaghetti with cherry tomatoes recipe

Thursdays are always a logistical nightmare between school finishing and bedtime. School play rehearsals for the middle one, a trip to the ice cream shop and park with the princess before going back to school to collect the boy. We then head home and tend to find the eldest boy sat on the doorstep because he ‘can’t find (lost) his key. It’s then a quick change and head back to the park for football training. I tend to dump the middle boy there and head straight home (avoiding the play section of the park). However, this only leaves about half an hour to cook and feed the other (starving) two and me, whilst plating up for the other boy, before me and princess need to go back and collect him. So tonight I thought I would try something new;

Basa fillet with chilli and coriander salsa

Pan fried basa fillet with a chilli and coriander salsa

Another day and another fish! The kids will eat fish, but it isn't their favourite. So I tend to feed my love for it when they visit their mum.

Although I cooked this for myself, I have listed the ingredients and directions for two people to make it easier to work out for you.