easy pasta and meatballs recipe

Easy Pasta and Meatballs Recipe

Who wants another easy mid-week meal? If so, this is for you. Taking only ten minutes from start to finish the easy pasta and meatballs recipe is a family favourite. Made from just a few store cupboard ingredients, it comes together in just a few minutes. The kids love this meal and often request it, which suits me fine. Especially on the nights, we are rushing around together to fit in all the out of school activities that fill our diaryies. Why not give this easy pasta and meatballs recipe a try for yourself.

Spaghetti Recipe

Spaghetti Puttanesca Recipe

Another affordable and delicious recipe, perfect for a busy families midweek meal. This Spaghetti Puttanesca Recipe was delicious and was ready in 20 minutes. Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen cupboards already, just remember to pick up the bits you do need when you next go shopping.

*MENTAL NOTE* If your kids ask what Puttanesca means in Italian, don't, I mean, DON'T Google it in front of them.

chicken curry

Mango Chicken Curry - Easy one pot chicken curry

If you looking for a quick and easy one-pot chicken curry recipe, look no further! This is a versatile recipe and most meats can be used. Or if you have a bit of roast chicken leftover from a roast you can use that instead of chicken breast. Serve it with rice, naan or poppadoms. Or all three if you like! Get you authentic takeaway flavours at a fraction of the cost.

Easy Chicken and Bacon Pie Dad's Delicious Dinners

Chicken and Bacon Pie

The boys love pies and frequently request them. This particular easy chicken pie recipe is quick and affordable to make. It is also easy to change some ingredients to use up food you have left in the fridge.

In this recipe I used chicken breast, because I managed to get it really cheap in the yellow sticker section of the supermarket. However, I have also used left over roast chicken and skinless chicken thighs (chopped up). You could skip the bacon and add more vegetables if you wish. The basic process is the same when you swap around the ingredients. You can even skip the puff pastry and use mash potatoes or slice some potatoes in to thin crisps and top the pie with them.

Easy Paella

Easy Paella

We have visited Spain a few times as a family and the kids love it. Great food, great people and most of the time great weather. We have always come back wanting to eat more of the delicious Spanish food.

After our last visit in the summer, I came home with a Spanish Paella Dish, so keen to give it go. We were having a cheap and easy version of this amazing dish.

How to cook the perfect Christmas Gammon

How to cook the perfect Christmas Gammon

How to cook the perfect gingered gammon. After all the fuss of Christmas Day, Boxing Day is often a more chilled and relaxed affair. We often won't have a fixed meal, rather graze slowly all day on cold meats, cheats and dips and pate. This ginger glazed gammon recipe is easy to prepare and because the slow cooker takes care of the actual cooking. You get more time to spend with the family.

Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage

Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage

Easy, healthy and delicious cabbage. Kids won't eat cabbage? Want to add some sparkle to dinner? Try this tasty cabbage that the kids will love. Give cabbage a fresh new look with this easy and quick recipe. Perfect for your Sunday Lunch.

My lot have never been a fan of cabbage, so I decided to jazz it up a bit. Since trying this amazing recipe, they now ask for it every week. So, if your lot won't eat their greens, why not give it a go. It takes no time at all to prepare and only ten minutes to cook.

No more needing to disguise or hide cabbage, plate it up and wait for them to ask for more. I can honestly say this recipe has made my job of getting them to dive into what was once a boring vegetable, so much easier.

Chek out the recipe below.......

spanish pork

Chicken with olives and tomatoes

I need quick and simple for tonights dinner, we had loads going on and lot's of homework to catch up on. This dish certainly didn't fail us. Simple and bursting with Mediterranean flavours.