Asian Spicy Beef Salad

Asian Spicy Beef Salad - Quick, easy and delicious

After spotting two beef steaks at the yellow sticker section of the supermarket and with the kids at their mums for a few days, I decided to and some spice to my evening meal. This recipe covers two good sized portions and I actually had the second one for lunch the next day.

My Asian spicy beef salad is my take on a recipe found in many parts of South East Asia such as Vietnam and Thailand.

Gingered Chicken Burgers

Gingered Chicken Burgers

Gingered chicken burgers are not only delicious, but they are fairly cheap and easy to make. Have a look at the recipe below and give it a try.

Easy Sticky Rice Recipe

Belly Pork, Sticky Rice & Thai Style Omelette

We served this with sticky rice, simply because the kids love it and its so easy to make. Search for the recipe here.

Pork - £1.95 | Sticky Rice - 80p | 3 eggs - 25p | All the sauces and marinade bits - 30p all together.