Fresh Pasta Recipe

Fresh Pasta Recipe. Simple homemade pasta.

Fresh pasta is so easy to make yourself. You will soon wonder why you even bothered with the dried stuff. We often get together in the kitchen and make it together. The ingredients can often be found in the house and you can honestly taste the difference. Check out this recipe for simple and tasty pasta dough.

decorated cupcakes

Cup Cakes - Dad's Delicious Bake-Off

Any one who follows my Instagram or Facebook Page will have seen over the weekend we had our own mini Bake Off. The little lady decided for her Egyptian Topic Homework this week she would make cupcakes, with little pyramids on top. Not to be outdone. The middle boy, in turn wanted to make some cupcakes off his own. One thing led to another and we now have enough cupcakes to feed a small army.

scotch eggs

Homemade Scotch Eggs

When the lunch box's come back from school just as full as when the arrived at school in the morning, you know its time for a change. They all love the shop bought Scotch Eggs, so I thought I would save some money and give it a go making them.

Easy Sticky Rice Recipe

Belly Pork, Sticky Rice & Thai Style Omelette

We served this with sticky rice, simply because the kids love it and its so easy to make. Search for the recipe here.

Pork - £1.95 | Sticky Rice - 80p | 3 eggs - 25p | All the sauces and marinade bits - 30p all together.