Easy Chicken Satay

Easy Chicken Satay with sticky rice and cucumber salad

Sometimes you need something quick and easy for your mid-week meals and this Chicken Satay recipe fits the bill well. Served with sticky rice and a cucumber salad, turns a traditional snack into an evening meal rather nicely.

Being unusually organised, I remembered to get the chicken breast out of the freezer in the morning, allowing them to be thoroughly defrosted by early evening.

It may appear to be a large list of ingredients. However a lot of it you may already have in the cupboard. It came in at just over £5 but did make enough for my lunch the next day.

Chinese Chicken with Hoisin Sauce

Chinese chicken with hoisin Sauce | Cheating Chinese wraps

Chinese Chicken with Hoisin Sauce - A budget version of Crispy Duck Pancakes. I actually purchased a large chicken for £2.05 in the yellow sticker section. Although if you have some chicken left from a Sunday roast you can use that.

Even with a chicken included in the price this came in at around £4.70, so still under the £5.00 budget.

The timings below don't include the chicken roasting time, so remember to include that in your calculations if you need to roast one.