Ice lolly madness

Ice Lolly madness….

To follow the success of the ice lolly breakfast idea, I decided to experiment a little on the theme.

So, whilst picking up some bits from the supermarket, I also added some, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, low fat plain yoghurt and low fat strawberry yoghurt to my trolly. Together with some shot glass sized (rather large considering they are shot glass sized, or perhaps I’m getting old) plastic cups and some paper straws. 


I cut the strawberries and raspberries into small chunks and then using the same principal I layered yoghurt followed by fruit followed by yoghurt until each cup was full. 


I cut each straw into three and plonked them in the middle as handles, I also tried cocktail sticks in three to see if they would work as handles. 

I chucked them all into freezer and am now fighting the kids away from them until they are ready! Happy days.

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