How you can support your partner after she has given birth

How you can support your partner after she has given birth

  There are many different feelings and emotions that run through the body and mind after childbirth. Some are simple whilst others require time and support from those that are closely connected with the new arrival or specialists that are well trained and easily obtainable.

Physical support

It is important that you spend time with the new baby, not just to give your partner a break but it is vital for your chance to bond with your new baby. Holding and cuddling will not only benefit you but also your new-born; they may not be able to see your face but they will recognise sent. Skin on skin contact has been shown to be beneficial for bonding as well as to help a baby regulate their temperature and find comfort. Giving birth puts an incredible strain on a person’s body (and recovery after a c-section is slow and painful), so you will find that your partner may have little energy and will need your support. For instance, your partner may find that they require a lot more rest – this might be as a result of the physical exertion of labour and the lack of sleep in the later stages of pregnancy, not simply due to the disruption to a sleep routine that caring for a new-born will create.

Mental support

Your partner is also going to be relying heavily on you for mental support too, this can be in the form of conversation about other topics other than that of ‘baby’ as no doubt that is going to be all that she hears and speaks about with everyone else. You may find that she may also need a bit of support when it comes to other areas such as breastfeeding. Indeed, if she is struggling to breastfeed, she may feel that she is inadequate as so many mothers seem to find it easy. Reassuring her that this is not the case and does not mean that she is a failure in any way may help but gaining the support of a lactation consultant may be what she requires without knowing about it. If your partner is having difficulty breastfeeding, or either of you has any questions about breastfeeding, you can find out more here.

Financial stability

It is more than likely that your partner is going to be spending more time with your new-born baby within the early stages of its life than working, this means that she may very well require some additional financial help. If your partner has been used to having her own money coming in then they may find it difficult to ask for funds from you should they require them. Financial stress is one of the largest causes of arguments amongst couples, coupled with the extra heightened emotional state of having a new baby for both parents, it is no wonder that so many relationships end up failing at this time of high worry and stress.   Photo by Hu Chen on Unsplash  

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