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How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season

How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season

How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season

How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season

Creating an outdoor kitchen is among the most alluring and exciting things you can do with your open spaces. With the correct design choices, you can entertain visitors or make al fresco dining a family ritual, regardless of the season. Take advantage of the upcoming Black Friday to grab the necessary items for your outdoor kitchen. Use this guide to help you pick appliances and materials that will withstand the elements in your area, ensuring that your outdoor kitchen will be around for years.


How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season
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Durable walking surfaces

The appropriate walking surface is the first thing you’ll need for your ideal exterior kitchen. Choose a walking surface that has been designed for outdoor use and is strong enough to hold the load of your kitchen. Outdoor kitchens on raised platforms can benefit from composite or wood decking. Deck tiles on a concrete surface can improve the beauty as well as the usefulness of the surface. Slate and travertine stone pavers are excellent choices for both appearance and slide resistance. If you have kids and pets that will be playing nearby while you’re cooking, opt for artificial grass. They are durable yet soft for kids and pets to play in. You can find a plethora of clearance artificial grass at your closest home and garden store. It all boils down to personal preference. 

Invest in a canopy

The worst thing you’ll be is being in the midst of a dinner when it rains, or to be outside in the summertime when it’s scorching hot. You and your company won’t have to rush indoors because of a light shower or the sun’s harshness if you use a canopy or pergola. Furthermore, if you’re not using the kitchen, leave the canopy protecting it from rain and sun damage. You would not want to cook in the rain or under the scorching sun. Convenience is essential, just as it is in your main kitchen. In order to achieve it in your outdoor cooking and dining room, you’ll need to provide cover from the weather.

How to build an outdoor kitchen for every season
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Take advantage of the light

The sun will give all the brightness you need on a lovely summer day, spanning late through the day and night. However, keep in mind that you may want to use your outdoor kitchen on a chilly autumn or winter evening or on a cloudy day. Even in the summer, one of life’s simple joys is having calm after-dinner discussions after the sun has set.

Protect your appliances from the elements

Stainless steel should be used wherever possible. A stainless steel grill and refrigerator are quick to maintain and will withstand the elements. When you have other built-in appliances, such as a range or a microwave, consider protecting them if they’re not in use to avoid weather damage.

Heat and electricity are added to the mix

When it’s not summertime, firing up the grill will keep the cook warm, but everyone else outside will be chilly. Add heating solutions to make the entire space warm so you can use it anytime of the year. Electricity is the same way. You hardly realize when you’ll could use another outlet, so have a couple strategically placed throughout your outdoor kitchen. If the temperature sneaks up to you, it’ll be simpler to plug in fans or space heaters.


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