Gift ideas for Dad covering all budgets [ad]

Grumpy Dad Gift Ideas for all budgets. 

Gift ideas for dad 

Another year, another Christmas and another birthday. God, I sound grumpy already! I’m not, I assure you. I’m just not one to celebrate a birthday. So with this in mind, I decided to compile a list of gifts to buy a grumpy dad.

For clarity. I am not actually grumpy (most of the time) and I do actually like my birthday. It is more the fact that I am not so comfortable when stuff is featured around me. I prefer the quiet life and not being the centre of attention. 

Apparently, so I have been told. Dad’s are a hard bunch to buy for? I don’t see it really, I genuinely would be happy with a handmade card and a cuddle. But, having been informed by the kids recently that I need to lighten up and come up with a decent list of ideas for my birthday, I thought I would share……

Gift ideas for dad  

The following list is a mix of things that I think other Dads may like for their birthday. It is in no particular order and includes all ends of the budget spectrum and for full clarity, some of the items have been gifted to me for inclusion in this post. However, the opinions are all mine. 

Frankies Redhot® Chilli Gift Set

Gift ideas for dad
Gift ideas for dad

I write a lot about food and a fair bit about spicy food. You all know that I love chilli or two. So this gift set from America’s number 1 hot sauce is ideal. You get three fiery sauces, together with a grow your own chilli plant kit. I am working my way through the chipotle, habanero and fire-roasted jalapeno sauces as I write this. Each one adds a fabulous kick to almost any meal. 

If you have a hot sauce addict in your life, I highly recommend they try these amazing sauces.  

Watch this space for the slightly warmer weather to see how my green-fingered exploits turn out when I attempt to grow my own in spring.

Gift ideas for dad
Frankies Red Hot Chilli Set

Lost Universe

If, like me, you are after geeky gift, then look no further than Lost Universe, the home of officially licensed merch. They supply

Gift ideas for dad
It’s R2-D2

officially licensed merchandise from movies, TV, Anime, games and comics. 

So if you are on a Thanos-like hunt for the coolest collectables, clothing, accessories, lighting and homeware, Lost Universe is the place to be!

For the purpose of this article, they kindly gifted me an R2-D2 Instant pot multi pressure cooker and it has rapidly become the most used item in my kitchen. From one-pot you can saute, steam, slow cook, warm and pressure cook.

Plus for the inner geek in me, it looks like R2-D2! 

From the perfect pot roast to fabulous rice, this instant pot gets used pretty much on a daily basis. While not being used, it sits elegantly in the corner of the kitchen taking up very little room. I must stop doing R2-D2 impressions every time I walk past though.

This particular model brings dinner to the table 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, plus with 13 preset smart programs, you can ensure meals are cooked to perfection. It has revolutionised my cooking and helped deliver healthy and delicious meals effortlessly. 

We can’t stop using it and make sure you follow my latest recipes to see it in action. 

As mentioned, it isn’t just Star Wars items, head over to their website and take a look at the full range of licensed merchandise, there really is something for everyone.

Asian Chicken
Asian Chicken made using my R2-D2 Instant Pot

Dine in the Lakes from Gourmet 2 Go

Gift ideas for dad
Dine-in The Lakes Quiz

This Dine in the Lakes pub quiz is an amazing gift idea for Dads. A collection of 8 craft beers from Lakes Brews together with a selection of nuts and an amazing Lake District quiz book. Delivered fresh from Gourmet 2 go.  

What’s not to love about beer and nuts! The selection of beers in the gift box are amazing and include, IPA’s, pale ale, pilsner amongst others. Each one is full of flavour and tasty to drink. They come complimented with a selection of treats including, smoked almonds, salted caramel peanuts and my favourite, honey chilli cashews.

Gourmet 2 Go is an exclusive food delivery service, that supplies all of the best food and drink hampers available in the UK from one platform. From cocktails to baking and alcoholic to non-alcholic drinks. They pride themselves on delivering boxes and hampers from the best small and independent retailers in the UK.

If you head over to their page you will find a large selection of unique food boxes to suit all tastes, from the Nordic-inspired vegan deli to the Waddesdon Wagyu Autumn warmer box, with many in between such as Neema Foods fruity and fiery scotch bonnett box.

Gift ideas for dad
Gift ideas for dad
Gift ideas for dad
Quiz Night!

Quiz Night

Whether it is a gift for somebody else, or perhaps one for you, there is something for everyone. 

Oh! Did you know that Emma Thompson took up here Beatrix Potter left off to pen the Further Tales of Peter Rabbit, 110 years after the original was published? Or that Wast Water is the deepest natural lake in England? 

Nor did I, until some friends and I had a quiz night while sipping some craft beers and munching on some delicious Moreish Smoked Almonds.

Dine-in The Lakes

Mainline Menswear

Dad’s are practical. We need clothes. You can’t go wrong with clothes, right? Well if your dapper dad is in desperate need of

Mainline Menswear
Mainline Menswear

some new clobber, can I suggest heading over to Mainline Menswear, where you can choose from one of the largest comprehensive ranges of men’s designer clothes in the Uk. 

What started as a small shop in Scarborough,  has grown into one of the biggest suppliers of fashion brands in the UK. From ordering to delivery they strive to be the best in everything they do. 

Gift ideas for dad 

I was kindly gifted a rather nice Hugo Boss gown to try out and the service was amazing. From ordering to next day delivery. 

As expected from a fabulous brand like Hugo Boss, the quality of the garment was great. It fitted well, washed well and I felt great wearing it. It arrived in the designer brands own packaging placed carefully within a second cloth bag branded with the Mainline Menswear logo. This not only kept the gown in perfect condition during transit. It also added a bit of class to the delivery. 

They constantly stay up to date with the current trends and work closely with brands such as Boss, Adidas, Versace, Armani and Ralph Lauren, together with many high street brands. This will ensure your grumpy dad not only looks good, but he (may) also become less grumpy too! Well, it worked for me!

Mainline Menswear
Mainline Menswear

Snug Pak 

Gift ideas for dad

Is your Dad adventuresome? Do you all enjoy getting out and about and exploring the countryside? Snugpak combines two passions, keeping you warm and providing compact products. They started in 1977 and thrive today with their innovation into the lightweight market, becoming a world leader in lightweight and technical products. 

It doesn’t matter if you are just heading out for a family walk, or undertaking a week-long expedition, they have something for all occasions. 

From clothing for hikes to hammocks and sleeping bags. They cover literally every element you may need. They even produce waterproof bags to put it all in. 

As you all know, I am partial to the odd paddle down the river, so was very pleased when I was sent a Snugpak Dri-Sak to test out. 

For those that don’t know, A Dri-Sak is a watertight bag made from lightweight nylon with a waterproof laminate. It is a holdall

Gift ideas for dad
Dri-Sak by Snugpak

style bag that you can put your bits and bobs, such as phone, wallet and keys in. You then simply roll down the top and fasten the clasps. Hey-presto, if the bag (or you) fall into the water, everything important stays dry. 

I have actually tried this type of bag before and owned several over the years. However, the quality and size of the Snugpak version were so much better. I have actually used this a  lot since receiving it and I know it is going to last me for years to come. 

They come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit all needs. It would also be perfect for keeping a sleeping bag dry on overnight adventures. 

Gift ideas for dad 

What birthday gift guide for Dad would be complete without some socks included. Not wanting to disappoint and if your Dad is in need of some new socks to keep his toes toasty, then Snugpak sells a range of military-grade socks. Yes, you heard me correctly. Military

snugpak socks
Snugpak Socks

Grade.  Made from merino wool, which is naturally light, durable, breathable and antibacterial. 

But, and more importantly. They are really comfy! I mean it, I love mine and make sure that I wear them every time we amble over the South Downs. 

For your adventuresome dad, head over to Snugpak and you will find something for all budgets

Buy a Gift

Treat him – experience box

If Dad has been particularly grumpy this year and has not dropped any hints for gift ideas, head over to Buy a Gift. If he is really hard to buy for. Fear not they have got you covered with a selection of over 1800 tasty treats, driving blasts and adrenaline-filled adventures. 

From gourmet cuisine at top restaurants to bungee jumping from phenomenal heights to grooming treatments to ensure he looks and feels great. 

Triple Supercar Driving Blast

Regardless of whether he is a speed freak, adrenaline junky or food and wine connoisseur, you will find the perfect gift for any occasion. 

My favourite, just in case the kids are reading this, would be a supercar driving experience. It is very unlikely that I will ever be in a position to afford my own luxury supercar. So to experience the thrill and feed my urge to drive either a Lamborghini or Aston Martin at high speeds around a proper race track sounds delightful. To feel and hear the power of these cars, while hurtling around a track sounds perfect. 

Mindshine App

Mindshine App
Mindshine App

If you are looking for a perfect gift for a grumpy day, then look no further than the Mindshine App

Confidence and self-esteem require practice and the brain, like any muscle, can be trained. Mindshine helps you change the way you think, feel and act. In turn, this opens up to increased levels of well being and satisfaction. 

Using techniques learned from psychology and neuroscience and breaking them down into small, actionable and achievable steps. 

But, what does all this mean and how does it work?

Basically, an app is installed onto your phone and throughout the day you are prompted to log in and take part in small tasks and lessons. Each one is tailored to you and your goals. You get to choose the direction and the app helps you achieve your journey. The coaching plans included are simple, fun and are bite-sized, so fit within your busy schedule. 

Put simply, you get to grow in confidence, learn to be mindful and help improve your mental health and wellbeing. I have been using this app for about two months now and have already noticed a difference in myself. A few minutes, a couple of times a day and I feel more confident and in a great place mentally. 

Mindshine App
Mindshine App

It isn’t just me either. They come highly recommended by companies such as Men’s Health and GQ magazine. Head over to their website and check it out for yourself

Luxe Watches Premium Watch Cleaning Kit

Luxe Watch Cleaning Kit
Luxe Watch Cleaning Kit

Does the Dad in your life have a nice watch? Maybe handed down to him, maybe one that he purchased. Does it cost a fortune each year to have it professionally cleaned? Well, thanks to Luxe Watches, that can now be changed. 

Arriving in a beautiful box, you receive a bottle of cleaning solution, a microfibre cloth, a pot of restoring and revive leather cleaning balm, a cleaning brush, a polishing cloth and a simple to follow instruction guide. 

The kit promises to be safe and gentle and will keep your luxury timepiece in tip-top condition and help keep it looking new.

I am a huge fan of watches and have a number of them myself, including a gorgeous pocket watch handed down to me from my grandfather, via my dad. Thanks to Luxe Watches, it can now be kept in top-notch condition with ease. 

Luxe Watch Cleaning Kit

Utopia WallletsWallets

Utopia International
Utopia International Money Clip and Card Holder

I am a single Dad, I’m always skint. True. However, a new wallet is always useful. Especially a stylish one. Utopia International have created a functional, minimalist wallet. They use only the best high-grade material while keeping it perfect for everyday use. 

Oh! Did I mention that it protects your cards too? With card ID theft increasing year on year and in 2018, £47.3 million was taken from us and our personal bank accounts. Let that sink in forty-seven million pounds!

Every wallet they sell is RFID Blocking, which prevents your private card information from being stolen by data thieves. 

Having kids means my pockets are often full whenever we are out together. So I was rather impressed with the small size of these card and cash holders. Each of their designs can hold between 1 and 10 cards and comes with either a money clip or money strap, ensuring your cards are accessible and your cash is held safe. 

If you head over to their shop, you can choose from a plethora of choices from carbon weave to matt black aluminium. Each one is made from a premium quality material. They are really lightweight and in my opinion very stylish. Perfect to cheer up your grumpy dad on his birthday.

Utopia International
Utopia International

Dad Gift Ideas for all budgets.  

I hope you have enjoyed reading my gift ideas for dad.


You can also follow the funny me over on Twitter, or if you are on Facebook, don’t forget to give my page a like and if you want to see pictures of me having my nails painted, then Instagram is the place to be!

Main featured photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

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